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Saturday, February 27, 2010

26. Fool Me Once

OMG?! An update... earlier then expected... and ON TIME? Yes... yes it is!
Another update with some major help from the wonderful, talented, fantastic Jay! =)

Here We Go Again - Kelly Rowland

It was a little after seven AM, and Evan was grinning from ear to ear as she picked up the two large paper bags from the back of her car. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Jeff, actually, it was for the complete opposite reason that she was here. Maybe she hadn't been really giving him a chance. After all, she'd been wishing he'd pay more attention to her for a while, and now that he was, she was trying to get away from him? It didn't make much sense.

After spending only one night at the Spa, she had decided to come home early, stopping at the grocery store the night before to pick up a few of Jeff’s favourite foods. She’d sneak in while he was still sleeping, cook him up something good, and then spend the rest of the day just being with him, it was the perfect plan.

She knew he‘d still be asleep, so she pulled out her key and unlocked the front door. She closed it behind her and headed into the kitchen, while riffling through one of the bags at the same time.
She kept feeling like she’d forgotten something, but she couldn’t remember what. Evan shrugged it off, figuring that she’d remember it later on.

Carefully, shifting the bags in her arms, she carried them into the kitchen, before dropping them on the marble floor, their contents spilling everywhere. She felt her jaw drop open as her eyes met Jeff’s and he pulled back, his face masking hers.
“I…” Was all he managed to sputter before Evan was gone, running back towards the front door, leaving Jeff and Sarah Hartnell in the kitchen.

Jeff came around the corner, nearly falling on his face as he tried to pull his pants back onto his waist. “Evangeline!” He yelled, chasing her to the front door and then out into the front yard.

She didn’t stop though, as she jumped back into her car. She left him standing there as she peeled down the street and back onto the highway.
Her body was shaking, and she only got fifteen minutes away before she had to pull over, her body consumed with sobs as she dropped her face into her hands.

Finally composing herself enough to think of something other than going back home and cutting off Jeff’s nuts, she reached for her phone.
She dialled in Alex’s number and let it ring, until his voice mail picked up.

Of course, in her frantic, emotional state, she’d completely forgotten that it was seven in the morning, and he‘d still be in bed. She wanted to just wait, just wait until he woke up and called her back, but she couldn’t.
She needed her best friend, and she needed him desperately.

Evan started the long drive, figuring out that Alex would most likely just be getting out of his Saturday morning practice, by the time she got to Pittsburgh.
She knew that she wasn’t in an emotional state to go and see him in front of people, but she really didn’t care. The images of Jeff fucking Sarah on the counter top in her kitchen, was enough to make her see red as she drove the winding highway.

She wasn’t sure what to say to Alex. She wasn’t even sure if she should be going to see him, after all, he was probably sick of her always dropping her problems on him.
Alex never had problems, at least none that he ever bothered Evan with. She was such a horrible friend, and apparently she was a fairly horrible fiancé, if she couldn’t even keep Jeff honest for a full week.

She shook her head as she turned off the exit towards Pittsburgh. She wasn’t sure what she was even trying to accomplish by showing up at Mellon Arena, all she knew was that Alex was there, and she needed him more than anything else at this moment.


Trampled Underfoot - Led Zeppelin

Practice was over, and the entire team skated off the ice and made their way into the dressing room. Their voices echoed and carried in the runway as guys talked about what a hard skate that was, or what their plans for the evening were, or how pumped they were for the next game. Alex was in the back of the group and not really listening. It wasn’t until everyone else stopped talking and turned to look at him with questioning glances that he realized what was going on.

Evan was in their dressing room, standing by the door. He couldn’t quite recognize the emotion on her face. Her cheeks were red, her eyes were wet, and her jaw was clenched.

“Evan?” he asked quietly, stepping past the other guys and approaching her. He certainly wasn’t expecting her to show up here, like this. “Are you okay? What’s wrong?”

Her voice was raw. “I need you right now, Alex.”

“Just let me change, and then I can take you home with me. We’ll stop and get some Grey Goose on the way.” He gave her a weak smile, trying to be comforting. Vodka was Evangeline’s go-to coping mechanism, and he knew that a couple shots of top shelf liquor would calm her nerves.

“No,” she replied, shaking her head and speaking forcefully. “I need you now.”

Alex cast a glance back at the guys, who were all looking around the room but really were staring out of the corners of their eyes at the scene in front of them and wondering about what the hell was going on. He put an arm around her shoulders to protect her from their piercing gazes, as well as to guide her toward the training room where they could have some privacy and he could get to the bottom of this.

He ushered her into the back room, pointing her in the direction of one of the massage tables as he turned and pushed the door shut, a high-pitched click resounding to let him know the door was fully closed.

Before he could turn around and address her, Evan pushed herself into his arms and against Alex’s padded and sweaty body. She took advantage of the way his ears moderately stuck out and grabbed onto them in order to pull his face down to hers, tugging hard enough that he felt a dull pain on the sides of his head. Once their lips met, she released her grasp on his head and moved her hands to the hem of his practice jersey. She pulled upward awkwardly, finding it difficult because of his added height from his skates. She tried her best to get the light blue jersey off him, but the material caught on his pads and she struggled.

Despite her proximity to hockey players, she had never really paid attention to their uniforms and equipment; namely, how much of it he was wearing. “Are you going to help me, or what?”

“Evan...” he started, not knowing what causing this sudden change in his friend. She was usually much more timid. However, she looked so determined as she tried to strip him that he automatically wanted to help and therefore took off his jersey without her having to make a further request.
Her eyes scanned his chest and arms, staring at his shoulder and elbow pads as if they were a puzzle begging to be solved. Her nimble fingers searched for the Velcro, ties, clasps, or whatever it was that held his pads in place and blocked her from touching his bare body like she so desperately needed to.

“Get these damn things off!” she ordered in frustration, unable to figure out how to do it herself.

Alex reacted, doing as she bade and feeling a little turned on by her new-found, take-charge attitude. He started with his elbow pads, discarding them one by one and dropping them to the floor before he untied his shoulder pads and pulled them quickly over his head. He was acting under her direction, and she had complete control. But still, he had to ask, “What’s going on? I thought…”

Evan dragged her nails over his chest, the material of his black Under Armour shirt between her hands and his chest, ignoring his question.
This time, as she reached to strip him of his shirt, she didn’t have any trouble pulling it over his head and throwing it to the floor to join the various other discarded pieces of his uniform. Her hands slid over his warm skin, slick with sweat as she looked up into his dark, chocolate brown eyes and informed him of her plan. “You’re going to fuck me.”

Her words shocked and aroused him. He placed his hands on her sides, trying to hold her at a distance so he could talk to her and find out what was prompting this action, but she wouldn’t let him stop her from carrying out and exacting her own plan. A bead of sweat trailed down his chest, and Evan leaned forward and licked it off him, dragging her tongue up past his collarbone and to his neck as she tasted his salty skin.

Alex groaned, savouring the feel of her rough tongue on his flesh as his burgeoning erection started to press painfully against his cup. He leaned back and rested his head against the door. A million questions were still buzzing around his head, but he didn’t bothering asking another one. Instead, he obeyed orders as Evan added, “Take off your skates and pants.”

He reached down and fumbled with the laces of his skate boots, trying to move quickly so he could kick them off as he moved onto the clasp on his hockey pants. She began to shed her own clothing, first her blouse and then her jeans. Alex dropped his jock and released his now hard dick, not bothering with removing his shin pads or socks. He had removed the bare minimum, and that was good enough for him.

Without so much as a warning, Evangeline jumped onto Alex, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and her legs around his hips. Their mouths attacked one another, a combination of lips, teeth, and tongue crashing together frantically and passionately. He fell back against the door with a thud as her body crashed against his, before he grabbed her waist and held onto her, stumbling across the room and setting her down on the counter.

He kissed her neck, and she moaned loudly. Her hands blindly searched for something solid to hold onto; anything that wasn’t mounted down got knocked off the counter and thrown across the room as she reached and clutched at the things around her. Tubs of ointment and rolls of bandages went flying as Alex’s hands moved to her back and unhooked her bra. His teeth dug into the flesh of her chest as he roughly pinched her nipples and twisted, which in turn garnered a deep, guttural moan from Evan.

The walls of the training room were thin. When guys were getting massages or getting wrapped, either before or after games, muffled voices were distinguishable, even if the actual words weren’t discernable. The guys out in the dressing room tried to ignore the overtly sexual sounds that reverberated through the walls. They could hear Evangeline’s every moan, every squeal of delight, and every command to their team-mate, punctuated by the occasional bang and slam of objects and bodies. The guys heard everything.

“Fuck me, Alex,” she begged, reaching down to pull the crotch of her panties to the side and exposing her pink, wet folds to him. “I want you inside of me.”

He groaned at her request, wondering where this sex kitten came from. Not that he was complaining; he would gladly oblige her every whim and do whatever she asked. Alex grabbed his erection and rubbed the tip against her pussy lips and clit. She moaned again, clutching the ledge of the counter and perching herself at the edge as he entered her, just like she had asked.

She squeaked and gasped, in pain and in pleasure, as their bodies began to join as one. “Oh my God. Ow. Stop for a second.” She arched her back and spread her legs farther apart, trying to open herself up in order to accommodate his size.

“Are you all right?” It seemed he always had to ask her that question. With other girls, he wasn’t always so considerate, but he never wanted to hurt his Evan.

“You’re just so fucking big. Go slow,” Evangeline groaned, continuing to whimper as he finally came to a halt and filled her completely. Even though it was uncomfortable, it was the best kind of uncomfortable possible.

Alex took his time as he moved inside her, pulling out just a little before he slowly pushed back in with subtle, deft motions of his hips. As he pumped his hard dick inside of her, he wrapped a hand around her blonde hair and brought his mouth down on hers, swirling his tongue around hers and then sucking her tongue into his mouth.

Evan shifted her body, trying to facilitate deeper thrusts. He placed her hands at her hips, preventing her from accelerating her pleasure. “I thought you said ‘slow’?” he chuckled in her ear, loving the way he had gained an ounce of control in this situation.

“I did. Now I want it hard and fast.”

Pulling out fully and hoisting her off the counter, he turned and dropped Evan onto one of the massage tables. She grabbed onto the sides as Alex brought her ass to the very end of the table and then spread her legs apart as far as they would go. He slammed his cock into her and she screamed, but not in pain - she screamed because it felt so damn good.

As far as she was concerned, Evan was speaking in tongues; she was trying to encourage him and tell him just how much she was enjoying this, but her words came out instead, as incoherent syllables and loud sighs. But if she were speaking in another language, then Alex was fluent in it, too. He knew just how much pleasure she was deriving from their lewd, public act in the training room.

She pushed herself up, so she was resting on her elbows, gyrating her pelvis synchronously with his. Knowing she was reaching her peak, he tried to ride it out as her body began to tense around his. Her muscles were clamping down around his dick as she neared her climax, and he closed his eyes so he wouldn’t have to watch the way her body was moving. But that didn’t work, because he could still picture it in his mind’s eye, so he looked off to his right at the Pens poster on the wall, reading Passion, Work Ethic, Accountability. He focused on those words as Evangeline shrieked one last time and plunged off the cliff and lost herself in total oblivion, yelling and announcing repeatedly that she was coming.

When she came to and regained consciousness after her brush with the sublime, she decided to repay the favour. A smile broke out across her face as she leaned forward and pushed against his chest, forcing him away from her. Alex gave her a confused look, because it was obvious to the both of them that he hadn’t finished.

She slid off the table and dropped to her knees, looking into his eyes as she took him into his mouth. Rather, she took as much of Alex in her mouth as she could. She bobbed her head as her hand simultaneously ran along the length of his dick, gently squeezing, and not minding at all that she could taste her own wetness on him.

After a few more moments of allowing Evan to suck and lick at her own pace, he grabbed the back of her head and fucked her mouth until he groaned and spewed forth his pent-up frustration into her gaping mouth, and she swallowed it all.

Alex found a clean towel and wrapped it around himself as Evan dressed back into her clothes. When they had thrown caution to the wind and gone at it like rabbits, neither of them thought about the possible show his team-mates would be privy to, but he was sure that the guys would have all showered and left by now, so that the coast would be clear to avoid any possible embarrassment for Evangeline. He’d hear about it later, he knew, but he wanted to spare that for her.
However, when he cracked open the door, he was met by a roomful of cheeky smiles and raucous applause.

Friday, February 26, 2010

25. Burning Bridges

Ok, I'm not happy with this update but... I don't want to sit on it anymore! I'm really sorry that I missed the last couple days with updates... and you should probably know... I might miss the next couple days too.
Monday should be the start of regular updates until the end so... bear with me!

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Burning Bridges - Jason Mraz

It had been two weeks since Alex had held Evan in his arms, beneath the gentle spray of her bathroom shower.
It wasn’t that he hadn’t seen her, or talked to her since then, but now, he was completely heartbroken.

He had been honest with himself, when he said he wasn’t expecting her to just take off with him, but never did he think that she’d take him back. Never.
No, that wasn’t entirely true, he just really didn’t want her to.

Alex kept going over the day he’d left her there, wondering what he could have done differently, if anything, to make her see.
She knew him so well, knew everything, every aspect, did he really have to be so damn upfront about what he wanted? The answer stood, apparently. Or, she just didn’t want to be with him like that.
After all, she was in need of someone to make her feel better, maybe the sex had just been sex for her.

If there was anything Alex was sure of now, it was how Evan had felt when she’d pulled open that bathroom door and found Sarah Hartnell. He felt the heartache, as real, as if he’d been cheated on.
When he’d called Evan that night and she’d answered the phone, she hadn’t hesitated to tell Alex what was going on. He was glad at least, that Jeff had apologise, Evan deserved that much; he wasn’t however happy to hear that she was taking him back.

It wasn’t that people didn’t deserve second chances, even jerks like Jeff, it was just that Evan deserved someone who wouldn’t falter.
She was entitled to a man that would always put her first and never fail in his resolve to love her, and only her. In fact, the more Alex tried to imagine all the things he would want in a man for her, the more he realized that he was only capable of imagining himself in the role.

Alex sighed, and shook his head, trying to remove the image from his head, he couldn’t allow that, not now. Probably not ever.
“Alex!” He turned around at the sound of his voice, so caught up in his own internal monologue, he didn’t even realize where he was.

“Oh… sorry…” He smiled, slightly embarrassed as he doubled back, past a small wrought iron gate that led to a brick stoop, where Amelia and a few friends waited. “Hey, I’m Alex…” He said, extending his hand to the two girls that were flanking her.

“Katharine.” The blond one said, smiling at him before giving Amelia a knowing look, out of the corner of her eye.

The brunette one grinned at him and took his hand next. “Jennie. It’s nice to finally meet you.” Alex nodded in response, reaching out to open the door and extending his hand towards the restaurant in an ’after you’ manner.
He followed the three friends into the upper scale eatery, flagging down a waitress, before heading up to a secluded table.

They talked pleasantries for a while, Alex trying to be as friendly as possible, without having to put too much into the conversation; he was still consumed by thoughts of Evan.
Amelia wasn’t fooled. “You know you need?” She asked coyly, once their food was consumed.

“What’s that now?” Alex asked, smirking. He could only imagine what Amelia would have in mind.

She sat back in her seat, glancing between Katharine and Jennie before turning her gaze back to Alex. “You need to have some fun… loosen up. What do you say to a game of hockey… my friends, versus your friends?”

“You do realize that when it comes to Pittsburgh, ’my friends’ only really includes NHL players?” He quipped, handing his credit card off to the waitress when she came back.

Jennie shrugged, a small smile playing on her lips when she spoke next. “You afraid of us little girls?” She leaned towards Amelia, gently hitting her with her elbow. “I think he knows that we’ll kick his ass.”

“Oh! You think so do you?” Alex laughed, grabbing into his coat pocket and pulling out his cell phone.

“Ok so wait… fuck. What are we suppose to do now?” Max complained as he tied on his skates, watching the girls goof around on the frozen pond.
When Alex had called him, Jordan, TK, Flower and Tanger out for a game of shimmy, they’d all assumed that he was referring to playing with a few male friends, not a college team, of women no less. “If we win… we look like dicks, and they’re not gonna put out. If we lose, we look like idiots, and they’re gonna put out. Either way we’re burning bridges here Gogo…”

Alex could only laugh as the he headed towards the ice, leaving a complaining Max sitting in the back of his SUV.
He heard the crisp, snap, of the ice beneath him as he connected with it. Stretching out his legs as he propelled himself into the middle of the ice. It felt nice, to be out there, freeing.
It’d been years since he skated on pond ice, and years since he’d actually played a game, for nothing more, than to just play the game. “Hey hot shot, you gonna be ok?” Amelia asked as she skated by him, concern in her eyes.
He nodded, trying to hide any trepidation in his eyes. Amelia let out a loud sigh and slid around in front of him, causing him to stop. “Alex, you know I think she’s a nice girl… but you have to let her go. It’s over. You tried, you really did, but some things just aren’t meant to work out…”

It sounded like another person talking about that stupid word again, fate. Fate. Who did fate think he was, anyway? Really, hadn’t Alex done everything right?
Had he really ever done anything in his life so horrible that he deserved to be stuck in limbo like this?
Maybe it was like what Max had just said. Whether you win or lose, you’re always burning a bridge.
He could win the battle, but maybe he wasn’t meant to win the war.


I Want You To - Weezer

“Ok so how does this work… you guys want a couple free shots… or what?” MAx quipped skating between the girls as he came to a stop, somewhere in the middle of the ice.

Amelia snorted, heading towards him. “Well, how about we just see how it goes, stud.” She smirked, coming to a stop in front of him and setting her blade on the ice. “Let’s get it on.”

Max let out a whistle and looked over at Jordan, giving him a wink. Suddenly, his prospects for the night were looking up. Or so he though.
Max gave Amelia the first puck drop, not even bothering to attempt and win the face off. He watched her take off across the ice, and move to go after her.

The guys were laughing, until Katharine scored. “Whoa, Flower… I mean, I’m all for making them feel good but, don’t let them score.” TK groaned as he skated behind the net, shaking his head.

Flower nodded. “Yah… don’t let them score anymore… oui…” He said slowly, hoping the guys didn’t realize that he didn’t let them do anything. Alex started to laugh, loudly, recognizing the look on Marc’s face, before skating back out to the center ice.

“So… can you guys do spins and stuff like that… dancing and what not?” TK asked as he came to a halt by Jennie. “Like for practice and stuff?”

“Yah.. Instead of practicing hockey, we practice ice dancing.” Jennie quipped, rolling here eyes as she let out a quiet giggle.

“You mean figure skating?” TK corrected, watching her take her place across from him.

She shook her head. “No… ice dancing… it‘s a sport.”

Jordan snorted, looking thoroughly perplexed as he came to a stop by everyone else. “And just when I thought they couldn’t out-queer figuring skating… here comes ice dancing!”

The game resumed, this time the guys put more effort into it, finishing with an 8-2 lead over the girls.
Once everyone decided that they were done for the evening, Max suggested they all go out and grab some food. “Unless of course… you wanna try some grade A, Canadian beef.”

Rolling her eyes Amelia turned around in the front seat of Alex’s car, to speak to Max directly. “You don’t have an off switch for that big mouth, do you?”

Max shook his head. “Non, I just keep going… and going… and going…”

“Hmm… that’s just too bad then. You know what they say about men with big mouths, don’t you…?” Amelia grinned, leaning further towards Max, until her cleavage was no longer ignorable, and a seductive pout was on her face. “… they’re tiny everywhere else.”

“OH SNAP!” Jordan yelled as TK and Katharine started to laugh. Max sat back in his seat, looking slightly annoyed and amused at the same time. Trying to maintain some kind of dignity, he turned and glanced out the window as Alex headed into town.

Alex felt fairly out of place as his loud female friend and her team, laughed along with his louder team-mates. He tried to blend into the wall, thankful, for once, that no one was paying attention to him at all.
It wasn’t that he wanted to be anti-social or a stick-in-the-mud, he just didn’t want to have to pretend that he was in a good mood. Cause he wasn’t.

“God, eat all the asparagus and you’re gonna be on the man-hunt tonight.” Jennie laughed as she watched Amelia chow down on some deep fried veggies.

“Sorry… but how does asparagus have anything to do with hooking-up?” Max asked sceptically as Alex continued to ignore the conversation around him. He wanted to help his friend out, he knew Alex was heartbroken and that he should be trying to help him move on… but he was fairly fascinated by Alex’s, friend to pay attention.

“What? You never heard of an aphrodisiacs? Big player like you don’t use them?“ Amelia cut in, laughing as she pulled another piece into her mouth.

Max snorted. “Please, I am an aphrodisiac.”

Jennie held up her hands laughing. “Wait, no oysters, chocolate, strawberries, green m&ms… nothing?”

Shrugging Max looked over at the guys, they all looked just as confused as him. “Why? You mean to tell me that shit actually works?” Amelia nodded, staring at Max condescendingly.
He glanced down at the table and lifted up the empty pretzel bowl, moving to pass it to Amelia, as Alex‘s phone began to vibrate.
Alex got up and left the table in a hurry, as Max stared at Amelia, waiting.

“And what do I do with this?” She asked sceptically, holding the empty bowl in her hand.

“It’s pretzel salt…” He replied, matter-of-factly, “ya lubed up yet?”

Alex headed towards the bathroom hallway, as the laughter of his friends faded behind him. “Evan?”

“Hey Alex! What’s up?” Her cheery voice asked softly. Alex smiled as soon as the familiar sound filled his ear.

“Just out eating with the guys, Amelia, and some of her friends… what about you?”

Evan glanced around her room as she put her free hand on her hip. The room was slightly chaotic as she tried to pack up, last minute. “Well I’m actually just letting you know that I’m going away for the weekend, in case you were looking for me or whatever.
I decided to take a last-minute trip to the Sewickley Spa… you know… just to get a break from the wedding planning and all that junk.”

Alex nodded. “Right… well… give me a call when you get back, you’ll have to come visit soon.”

Evan nodded too, as she shoved more things into her bag. “Sounds good Alex, I’ll see you when I get back.” They said their goodbyes and she hung up, glancing behind her to see Jeff coming into the room.

“Do you have to leave tomorrow? I don’t take off till Sunday babe, I’m gonna miss you… this has been nice… I mean, all this time together.” He said, pulling her against his chest as he bent down to gently kiss the tip of her nose.

Evan smiled and kissed him back, her lips gently brushing against his. “I’ll be back in time to see you off, it’s not that long…” She smirked, still not use to her fiancé’s new found free time.
She was glad to be spending time with him, reconnecting with him, but at the same time she missed all the time she use to spend with Alex in his wake.
Oh well, she supposed that was just the way the world worked. You couldn’t have it both ways, and which ever way you went, you were always burning a bridge behind you.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

24. The Right Thing To Say...

It’s Not Over - Secondhand Serenade

When Alex woke up the next morning, he was alone. He propped himself up on his elbows and glanced around the unfamiliar room, the memories of the night before, filtering through his head like the flashes of 16mm film; choppy, disoriented, and unfocused.
He fell back down, running his hands over his face as he tried to remember what the last thing he’d said to Evan was, or the last thing he remembered her hearing…

But then he realized, they hadn’t really said anything last night at all. There had been no promises or I love you’s, no meaningful words or sentimental prose; only actions…
No, that couldn’t be entirely true, not when those actions had led to a connection that went beyond anything Alex could ever express out loud.

He wanted to feel ok about what happened, wanted to believe that one night could change everything, but he knew that wasn’t possible.
Throwing the blankets away from his naked body, he sat up and pushed himself off the bed. He headed into the bathroom and grabbed his clothes off the floor, not caring that they were wrinkled and dirty, as he pulled them on.

When Alex got to the hallway, he could hear the familiar sounds of his room-mates, laughing, as silverware clinked against dishes. Jogging down the stairs, Alex came out in the kitchen; surprised to find a large group of people already awake and eating. “Shit! It’s about time you got up Gogo, we were about to send the Calvary out after you.” TK quipped into his fruit loops, earning sharp jab from Kelsey.

“Yah… I don’t know… I was just really tired I guess.” He said absently, his eyes lingering on Evan’s back as she moved around in front of the fridge.

“Do you want coffee or anything?” She asked Alex, casually, after he’d taken a seat beside Jordan.

Shaking his head, he glanced around the table as everyone dug into their food. “No, I’m alright for now.” Evan nodded in response, replacing a jug of juice into the fridge before closing the door shut.
She sat down at the only empty eat left, across the table from Alex.

He stared at her, as if magical words would appear on her face and tell him what she was thinking.
Feeling his gaze she glanced up, shooting him a timid smile before lifting her coffee mug to her lips. She didn’t look upset or angry, but she also didn’t look one hundred percent fine, either.
There were purplish bruises underneath her eyes, and her soft, blond hair, fell limp around her slender shoulders.
Her eyes drifted away from him, glancing away at nothing as she zoned away from the conversation that was now filling the large kitchen. Alex watched her mind as it drifted away, wishing desperately that he could follow after her.

Everyone else had packed and left, each of them suggesting that they ‘needed to do it again’, at some point in the near future. Alex wasn’t sure what they were referring to; hanging out in general, or seeing Evan punch Mike again.
Regardless of which it was, Evan hadn’t asked, only nodded, smiled, and agreed.

Now Alex stood beside her in the living room, watching his team-mates’ vehicles, disappear around the corner. “So… I got a game tomorrow night but…” He began to say, sighing loudly and turning to look at her. “Look, I don’t know what I’m suppose to do here Evan… I don’t know if you want to come back to Pittsburgh with me or, if you even still want me here right now, after last night.” He hated bringing it up like that, referring to that wonderful time as ‘last night’, like it was something horrendous, that couldn’t be discussed in the open.

Evan looked up at him, trying to ignore the fact that her face was burning a deep-crimson. “I don’t know what I’m doing.” She said slowly, exhaling lightly, willing herself not to cry, not again. “This isn’t my house and, I don’t think I’m going to stay here so…” She shrugged, at a loss for words.
She gazed up at him intently, willing him to understand what she was feeling right now.

She didn’t regret making love to him, that wasn’t even a feasible thought in her mind, not now, not ever. She just wasn’t sure what she wanted.
Yes, she still loved Alex… but, she had also just ended a very long, very serious relationship in heartbreak, the night before.
Even if she wanted to get with Alex immediately, which she wasn’t sure she was ready for, she didn’t want to put him through this. Alex deserved better than the roll of re-bound or sloppy second.

If they were meant to be together, then it would happen, she just knew that right now wasn’t the time. “Please don’t think I regret anything, Alex…” She said softly, reaching out to take his hand.
He smiled at her, a genuine smile, as he grabbed for her other hand; pulling her towards him, into a tight hug.
He kissed the top of her head and breathed her in, before letting her go.

“Are you sure you’ll be ok here though?” He said, trying not to show his disappointment. It wasn’t like had expected her to move right in with him and carry on where they’d left off, all those years before.
But maybe, at some point, he’d allowed his mind to pretend that it would be that simple, that easy.

“Yah, I will be…” She said, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, revealing the marks on her neck; proof that last night wasn’t just a long-forgotten dream.

Alex pulled his eyes away from her neck and nodded. “Alright well, my doors always open if you change your mind or just… need a change of scenery.” He mumbled, pushing his hands into his pockets before, turning around. “I should get going then but… give me a call tonight though, at least let me know you’re ok.”

“I will.” Evan said quietly, following after Alex as he headed towards the front door.

He pulled on his coat and reached for the handle, having already stowed his bag in the car that morning. “I guess I’ll be… talking to you tonight then.” He said awkwardly, heading out into the crisp, cool air. Evan stood by the opened door, pulling her arms around her tightly against the cold, as she watched him climb into his car.

Alex took his time pulling out of the driveway, just as Evan took her time closing the door and walking back into the house. Neither of them wanting to be separated from the other.


Fall For You - Secondhand Serenade

Evan was curled up on the couch that night, when headlights flashed in through the front window. She listened intently as a car door slammed, and footsteps walked hesitantly towards the front door.
There was nothing but silence for a full minute, before there came a strong knock on the door.

Evan sat up and exhaled, closing her eyes as she felt tears begin to form on her lids. The knocking sounded again and she opened her eyes, feeling the salty wetness deposit on her cheeks as she stood up and headed towards the door.

She stood in front of it, hyperventaling as she reached out to pull it open, wondering whether or not she should just pretend that she wasn’t home. Her gut instinct left no room for doubt, as to who was behind the door; and when she finally pulled it open, her fears were confirmed. “Evangeline…” Jeff said, his voice so rough and tired, that she could hardly make out her own name.

She wanted to slam the door. She wanted to turn the lock and click the deadbolt into place. She wanted to run away, call Alex and never have to deal with this again, but she couldn’t.
Jeff looked up at her, his eyes blood shot and tired, his posture slumped and defeated. “I, ah… just came to get some things and then I’ll get out of your hair.” He explained softly, as she pulled the door open further and moved back. He walked in past her, awkwardly, feeling uncomfortable in his own house.

He headed towards the stairs, stopping as his hand reached the banister. “Evangeline, I know that it means nothing… but… I’m sorry.” He glanced back at her, his face full of shame and hurt. “I’m sorry that I failed you.” He whispered again, before quietly disappearing to the second floor.

Evan waited on the landing, not moving, other than to take a step back and lean against the wall. She tried to remain composed for the few minutes that Jeff was upstairs, and she managed it, until she heard him come back down.
He walked towards her, a large, stuffed, hockey bag in one hand. “You don’t have to… this is your house Jeff. I’ll go.” She said quietly, nodding towards his bag.

He shook his head though, giving her a weak smile. “Keep it… I’m going to stay with Mike for a bit so, it’s not a big deal, I’ll get another place, or something…” He trailed off, his eyes never leaving her.

“That’s stupid, it’s your house, I’m not gonna keep it.” Evan sighed, feeling more tears fall down onto her cheeks.

“I never meant…” Jeff started to say, but was unable to finish his sentiment as his own eyes began to water. “I didn’t want to hurt you, that was never my intention.”

Evan let out a bark-like laugh, “no, then what was it Jeff? What were you thinking?”

He shrugged, glancing down at the floor. “I wasn’t… I wasn’t thinking. I just… there hasn’t been a minute in my life, since the day we met, that I didn’t love you. Fuck, I still love you Evangeline.
I never wanted it to end this way and I know it’s my fault, I’m just…” Jeff shook his head, every rehearsed line that he had practiced on the way over, completely blank in his mind.
There was a lot he wanted to say, but he didn’t know how.

“How many?” Evan asked finally, the question causing him to look up at her, as he shrugged, unsure of what she was asking. “How many women have you cheated on me with?” She clarified, wondering frantically why she was doing that to herself.

“Her.” He answered honestly, his voice rough, like dry sandpaper.

Evan nodded, biting her lip. “For how long?”

“After you moved down… that… Flyer’s party at Mike’s house…”

“… You don’t cheat on me, when I’m in another state, but then I move here and… why? Why then? Why did you go to her then? Why her?!” She cried, covering her mouth with her hands as the pain bubbled over.

“I didn’t… I didn’t approach her. She came to me and I don’t know why… I can’t give you a reasonable explanation for it. I want to. I wish I could.
I wish I could look you in the face and explain to you why I’ve done all the stupid things that I have, but I don’t know.”

“There doesn’t seem to be a lot you do know…” Evan snapped, glaring at Jeff as she took a deep breath. Her face was hot, and she knew that her cheeks were burning red.

“I know that I don’t want this to be over.” He said quietly, taking a step towards her. He dropped his bag on the floor and reached out, grabbing onto her arms and gently tugging her towards him. “I know that I’m an idiot, and that I don’t deserve you after this… that I probably never deserved you. I know that, without you, there’s nothing in my life worth having…
And I know that I fucked up, in the worse way possible.”

“Jeff,” Evan began, still not sure what she was going to say, even as the words were leaving her mouth. “I don’t know what I want. I love you but… you hurt me and I don’t know if I can move on from that… I don’t know if I want to move on from that.” She sighed, gazing up into his piercing blue eyes.
He held her close, but didn’t try and pull her any closer to him, instead he just watched her for a long time.

“Can you give me a second chance?” He asked finally, fearfully.

“I-I…” Evan stuttered, not wanting to have this conversation now. She wasn’t ready for it. She wasn’t lying when she said she didn’t know what she wanted, that she wasn’t ready to make this decision.

“Just look me in the eye, and tell me that you want me gone forever. Tell me that you don’t want to be with me, that you don’t want this… and I’ll go.
But if you let me stay, I’ll do everything in my power to make this up to you… I know that that probably means nothing to you, after what I’ve done. I just want you Evangeline.
I want to be with you, and look after you, and spend the rest of my life showing you how it should have been from the start.”
Jeff dropped her arms and moved back from her, grabbing his bag off the floor again and stepping towards the door. “Tell me that it’s not easy to lose yourself in that moment, Evangeline. It happened to you, and you’re the closest thing to a saint that I’ve ever seen.
You stopped yourself, I didn’t… but you know how easy it is to let that happen.”

Evan closed her eyes at those words, remembering the night that she’d kissed Alex. She hadn’t actually stopped herself.
Max had barged in and stopped everything. If he hadn’t, then Evan had no doubt how far things would have gone, how far she would have let herself go.
“Give me a call if you… want to talk about it.” Jeff said, giving her a sad smile, before pulling the front door open.

“Jeff.” She called as he stepped out into the night. “I’m not saying that I’m ready to work this out… or that I’ll ever be ready to work it out, but you can stay here. If you want to.”

He glanced back at his truck, and then back at her, torn between what his next move should be. Finally, he nodded, stepping back into the house and closing the door behind him.
He looked like he wanted to say something, thank her, beg her to forgive him some more, but Evan cut him off. “…You’re sleeping in the spare room.” She said with finality, leaving no room for discussion as she headed up the stairs.

Jeff watched her go and shrugged, a grin spreading across his face. Spare-bed, couch, whatever.
So he wasn’t back in the good books yet, but he could tell she was already forgiving him. He wasn’t about to take it for granted though.
Setting down his bag, once more, he pulled out his cell phone and rifled through his contact list.
When he found Sarah’s number, he deleted it, before following Evan up the stairs. He knew he had a lot of work to do, but he could fix this.
He would fix this.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

23. Coming Clean

This update is fantastically awesome… and no, that doesn’t make me conceited! I only wrote like… 1/10 of it… the awesome parts were all thanks to your friendly-neighbourhood-Gogo-lover, Jay!
I would say I hope you enjoy it but… when she writes, enjoyment is assumed, not questionable =) Everyone say thank you!!

Between You And Me - Ctrlaltrock original

Evan had remained calm through the whole ride home, the high of finding out the truth, keeping her spirits up.
It wasn’t until she was climbing up the stairs to her bed room, that she realized how naked her left hand felt, and how cold it was in the house.
How lonely, that giant empty bed would be, without Jeff.

Even if she hated him now, even if she despised him and felt dirty and used, what was she supposed to do now? “Are you gonna be ok?” Alex asked quietly from behind her as she entered her room.
She turned back around to look at him, his eyes full of concern as he came to a halt just outside the door.
And then she was crying. She tried to hide it, moving quickly to conceal her pain from Alex as he stared after her.
She moved into the bathroom, tugging off her clothing and grabbing for the discarded, raggy, Flyer’s shirt on the floor.
Evan tugged it on and moved back into the room, praying that Alex was still there, while silently hoping that he wasn’t.

She didn’t want him to see her like that, but she didn’t want to be alone. She didn’t want to be without him.

Alex felt hopeless, useless, what could he do? He hated feeling so incapable, so impotent. He looked away from Evan’s tears, his mind filling with anger. She shouldn’t have been the one crying tonight.
He wanted to kill Jeff for what he’d done. He wanted to go and hunt him down and pulverise him; show him that he couldn’t treat someone like that, especially not Evan. Especially not Evan.

At that thought Alex looked back up at her, exhaling deeply as he watched her body shake lightly with the pain that was raking through her. She moved further away from him, dragging her feet towards the bed, before falling limp onto it. “Why?” She groaned finally, the word raspy and barley audible as it struggled it’s way through her parted lips. “What did I do? Why would he do this?”

“No! No, no, no!” Alex moaned, quickly, moving into the room and crawling onto the bed beside her.
He pulled her towards him and clutched on to her - her arms reddening underneath his powerful grasp - as he gently shook her. “This is not your fault, Evan. You did nothing wrong, he’s the fucking dog! So don’t you go blaming yourself for what that arrogant bastard does.”

She shook her head, tilting it away from Alex, knowing there was no way she could move her body; not with the hold he had on her. “You’re wrong… I should have done more… maybe if I was better-”

“Stop it! Evan, there is no better. You think that home-wrecking whore is better than you? Really? Cause as someone who’s known you his whole life, I can guarantee that you’re perfection, babe. They don’t make ’em any better than you.”

Another painful sob escaped her as she brought her eyes up to meet his. “I know I said I wouldn’t but… I feel so… so… so fucking worthless, Alex. I feel so gross, and used, and repulsive.”
He nodded slowly, so unaware and yet fully perceptive to everything that she was feeling in that moment.

“You’re not worthless… and you’re not gross or repulsive.” He searched her eyes, everything she’d ever felt laid open to him as he pulled her up towards him. He kissed her.

He kissed her like he was about to lose everything, and she was the only one that could save him. He kissed her like it was the last thing he’d ever do, or ever could do.
He released his hands, dropping his holding on her arms for a minute, before wrapping her in his own.

She kissed him back, just as fiercely, clutching on to him; too afraid to let go. “I need to get out of this house.” She groaned as she pulled her lips away and Alex slid his face down to her neck, digging his teeth into her neck. “We need to leave.”

Alex pulled back, still holding her in his arms as he nodded. “Ok, let’s go… what do you need?”

“I need to shower and…” She trailed off looking around her at the room she shared with her ex-fiancé, “… umm… I don’t know… clothing…”

“You go shower and I’ll pack some stuff for you..” He said, pushing himself off the bed and leaving her sitting there, in nothing but Jeff’s dirty, old, t-shirt.
Suddenly, she needed it off of her more than anything else. She grabbed the filthy hem and tugged it over her head; completely unconcerned by the knowledge that without the shirt, she’d be naked in front of Alex.

She glanced over at him, once the shirt was discarded; to find that he was pointedly looking away, his jaw locked into place. Getting up quickly, she moved towards the bathroom, reaching into the shower to turn it on.
Alex moved to close the door, politely trying to give Evan some privacy, and frantically trying to keep his wits about him. “No.” Evan said quietly as she held out a hand, stopping him. “Don’t close it, I don’t want to be alone… please don’t leave me alone.”

Nodding Alex reached out for her offered hand, taking a step towards her. He stared down at her, searching her face for something, anything that would tell him what he was suppose to do for her.
He knew what he wanted to do, but what she needed didn’t seem so clear anymore.

Finally she turned around and headed into the steaming shower, not letting go of his hand until she was under the hot liquid.
He watched the clear, clean water flow down her body; reacting on instinct, he began to undress.

He stepped in behind her once he was naked, licking his lips in a nervous habit. She wasn’t doing anything, except standing under the shower head, watching him.
Evan didn’t bother trying to wash or wipe away the emotional dirt she could feel on the surface her skin. No, in fact, neither of them bothered with the pretence of bathing at all. Even after what Jeff had done, and the kiss they’d just shared, no words had been directly spoken, about what was going to happen; but it looked like it was happening nonetheless, and they were both distinctly aware of it. If Evan had wanted to stop it, she could have let him shut to door, or asked him not to come in; Alex would have backed off if she truly wanted him to. But she didn’t ask, so he didn’t stop.

Instead of reaching for her loofah or bottle of sweet-smelling shampoo, Alex placed his right hand at her side above her hip, keeping a respectful distance between their bodies, and then he laced the fingers of his left hand through her damp hair. He tugged lightly but with just enough force to tilt her face up toward his.

Evan’s breaths were shallow, knowing what was coming next. He touched his forehead to hers, his hot breath hitting her lips as he slowly moved his face closer. Their noses rubbed together before she elevated her chin and softly pressed her lips against his. With that single gesture of reciprocated emotion, Alex jumped into action and pulled her soft body against his hard chest.

Alex let go of her just long enough to reach up and press his thumb against her chin. She followed his lead and opened her mouth to him, allowing him to swipe his tongue along her teeth. Evan stood on her toes and held onto the back of his neck, trying to keep up with his pace. He devoured her mouth, sucking the breath from her lungs until she had to break away and gasp for air.

He wasn’t done kissing her, but he also knew that she was panting; to compromise, Alex dragged his lips to her neck, to where they had been before. As close as they were now, it was automatic and natural for him to find that spot on her neck that made Evan moan with want. He knew that spot well; he’d placed many hickeys there dating back to their high school years.

She ran her fingers through his short, dark hair before she clawed at his back. That spot was like an on switch, and whenever Alex placed his mouth there, it didn’t take long for her to beg for more. Jeff didn’t know about that spot and didn’t seem to care about finding it either, which was to his own detriment. Evan clutched onto Alex as his teeth gently dug into her flesh, and he felt her pulse quicken through her carotid.

The water gushing from the showerhead continued to pound down on their bodies, but neither of them seemed to notice. All they could feel was the heat emanating from each other’s bodies as they pushed up against one another. Evan could feel as Alex’s erection sprang to life, pressing firmly against her hip.

His hands cupped her breasts, massaging and squeezing them as she leaned back against the cool tile of the shower. “Oh, yes, Alex,” she moaned, arching her back and giving him free reign of her body. He looked up at her, making eye contact as his thumbs circled around her hard nipples.

“Evan, you’re so fucking beautiful,” he mumbled, unable to hold back his emotions as he dipped his head to suck her pert nipple into her mouth. His hot tongue swirled around it and flicked before he bit softly to evoke another moan from her parted lips. Alex did the same with her other breast, kissing and tasting her soft, supple flesh. She tasted better than he remembered.

As much as she was enjoying Alex’s handiwork, Evan didn’t forget to do her part. She reached down and curled her fingers around Alex’s hardening dick, one by one, using the water running down his body to aid her movements and she brought her hand up and down his length. He was so big that Evan couldn’t completely close her hand around his girth, but it still made him pause as he tried to collect himself and hold back. He’d started out just wanting to touch and taste her, but now all he could think about was burying himself inside of her slick heat.

Before he could take that step, he knew that he had to make sure she was ready. It wasn’t enough to be well-endowed; he had to know how to use it, too. After all, he wanted to give as much pleasure as he knew he was going to receive. To do just that, Alex pressed Evan up against the cool tile of the shower. Her skin was wet and she slid against the slippery surface, so he pinned her in place. Evan’s body tingled and hummed from the contact of his body against hers, bringing back a lot of old memories that she thought she had forgotten.

She placed one of her feet on the edge of the tub to give him better access to her sweet spot. Alex cupped the vee between her legs, lightly dragging his fingers back and forth along her slit and teasing her until Evan reached behind her and planted her hands against the wall in order to push her body against his hand, needing more intense caresses.

When she started to whimper, wordlessly demanding for more, he used his thumb and forefinger to clamp down on her clit. “Oh, Ale... uh. Mmm,” she mumbled, unable to form a full, coherent word. He rolled that hard nub between his fingers, tugging and squeezing it, too. She threw her head back and licked her lips, and Alex went back to kissing and sucking on her exposed neck, a bruise already starting to form where his teeth had bitten down. His expert hands erased any ability she had to speak or even think. All she could do now was feel as he spread her legs apart further so he could insert one finger into her awaiting opening.

One finger slid in without a problem, but two was enough to fill her. Slowly and steadily, Alex pumped his fingers into Evangeline until she moaned. That spurred him on to add a third finger as he tried to stretch her opening in preparation for his hard, thick cock. This time, instead of continuing to moan, Evan gasped at the added pressure and slight burning sensation. It hurt, but it was a good kind of hurt.

Alex looked into her face, seeing how her teeth dug into her bottom lip and the way her eyes were pinched shut. He recognized her pained expression and reluctantly asked, “Do you want me to stop?”

Evan shook her head with quick, rapid snaps of her neck, but her expression never changed. She knew that this was necessary, because it was going to hurt. But she also knew that once the pain subsided, it was going to feel really, really good. It was going to be worth it.

Alex’s hand increasingly moved faster and faster, harder and harder until Evan’s body shook from the force. When she spoke next, her voice vibrated. “Now, Alex. I think I’m ready now.”

“Hold onto me,” he instructed, and she did as he commanded. She grabbed onto his broad, strong shoulders, and he grabbed the back of her smooth thighs, raising her into the air at an angle for him to enter her.

As he began to lower Evan onto his throbbing, aching erection, she shrieked. “Oh, God. I forgot just how big you are.”

Alex nodded, trying to be understanding of her plight, but he wanted to be inside her so badly. He felt like he needed to be with her more than he needed air. Once again, he slowly tried to enter her, not wanting to hurt or rush her, but once the head of his dick was inside her pussy, he didn’t know if he could stop himself from pushing fully inside her.

It was almost like Evan could read his mind. “Just do it,” she begged breathlessly, mentally preparing herself for the jolt she knew would follow.

He allowed gravity to take over as she slid onto him. He grunted and she yelped, digging her nails into his shoulder and piercing his skin in reaction to the sharp pain. “I’m sorry, Evan,” he growled into the crook of her neck and her wet, matted hair. He did feel bad for her, knowing from past experience that this wasn’t pleasant for her, but he was overwhelmed with the physical sensations. “God, you’re so tight. You feel so good.”

“I’m okay,” she groaned, even though it felt like he was splitting her in two. It had been three, maybe four years since they’d last done it; her body had once adapted to Alex’s large size, but it had been so long that her body had forgotten.

Alex knew better. He could tell by how she latched onto his shoulders that she was hurting. Pushing her back against the wall, he gained leverage so he could reach between their bodies and find her clit again. He kept his pelvis still, staying inside her, as he rubbed his thumb against her pleasure center, writing the Arabic numeral three over and over against her clit and as if it would permanently leave his mark.

After a few moments of his attentive touching, repeatedly rubbing with just the right amount of pressure, Evan felt the pain dissipate and passion take over. She tried to move her hips, but she was sandwiched between a body and the wall, and therefore couldn’t. “Please,” she purred, cupping the back of his neck and bringing their mouths together again.

His tongue slipped into her mouth again as he pulled out slowly, holding her hips in place as he started to gently fuck her. Alex started with slow, short strokes, making sure that Evan was okay with that before he used a little more force to push into her. Soon, he was pounding into her, slamming her against the tile as he humped her like a dog in heat, the sound of her ass thumping against the wall drowned out by her screams echoing through the bathroom. Her orgasm built up and overtook her, sending her body into a fit of spontaneous convulsions.

He slid out of Evan and made sure that she could stand before he let go of her. “Wow, Alex, that was amazing. Better than I remember,” she breathed, a blithe smile crossing her face.

“Do you think we’re finished?” he asked, his voice deep and gruff with want.

Her mouth fell open into an O, and Alex took advantage of her shock by turning her around and bending her over. He guided his still throbbing dick into her from behind. Evan braced herself against the wall as he slid back into her hot pussy, hitting her G-spot as he pushed himself as far in as he physically could.

He held onto her hips, first moving her body forward and away from him as he simultaneously withdrew. Then he pulled her back toward him and thrust into her. Alex was in complete control of both their bodies, moving them how he wanted; Evan was merely along for the ride. Every time he drove into her, he repeated her name, “Evan, Evan, Evan.” It felt so good that he didn’t feel the stinging sensation from the water flowing over the cuts on his back and shoulders.

She climaxed again before he felt his body get close. “I’m gonna come,” he told her, not sure how to finish. In college, they always used protection, but they hadn’t used enough foresight today to be prepared.
He started to slow down his thrusts, wondering what she wanted him to do. He figured should just pull out, and began to push himself away from her body, but she purred him on.

“It’s ok… just keep going.” She moaned her hands sliding along the wet, shower wall, in an attempt to gain leverage. “I want you to come in me… stay in me.”

As if her words had magic pull, Alex slammed himself in one last time, before his cock began to twitch and jolt with the force of his orgasm.
Evan could feel him, deep inside her, the frothy heat of his come pouring into her; while his fingers dug into her hips.

They both stopped moving, Alex still holding onto her as he took a few deep breaths to steady himself before sliding his hands up her smooth, damp side. He pulled himself out of dripping, hot slit with a quiet groan, before pulling her up against his chest.
He kissed the top of her head, wrapping his long, strong arms around her as she relaxed against him.
Both content.

Monday, February 22, 2010

22. Courtesy Call

Soooo late! But hey, an update! And there should be one tomorrow as well *fingers crossed*
I feel like I'm moving out of my comfort zone with the way this one ends... I think you can blame a new boy in my life for that though =P lol
Also, it's late and I didn't proofread, don't hate!

Save You - Ctrlaltrock original

Alex watched the city pass by in a slow haze, his head leaning back against the cool fabric of the cab’s backseat, his left hand securely holding onto Evan’s. He wanted to say something, but he didn’t know what to say… what could he say?
He wasn’t even sure what his stance should be.

Alex didn’t totally agree with going to the hotel in search of Jeff, but what else was there to do? Could he really expect Evan to just go home, knowing full well that her fiancé was with another woman at that exact moment?
Of course not, and he definitely couldn’t let her go alone, no matter how much he didn’t want to be there.
This had ‘bad idea’ written all over it, but there wasn’t much else he could do.

He wanted to ask Evan what her plans were, but he didn’t, and even if he had, she wouldn’t have been able to answer him.
She was still unsure as to what she was going to do when they got there, unsure as to whether or not she was even going to go inside.
Was she going here to end things with him? Get a glimpse at the other woman? Or was she going to try and get him back?

They sat in silence, both of them unhappily surprised when the cab lurked to a stop, outside of their destination. Alex paid the driver, before pulling Evan out the door after him.
They stood on the sidewalk together, both of them knowing that Jeff was in there, somewhere. Behind one of the drawn curtains, he was with another woman, as Evan stood out here on the street corner; her best friend holding her up, without judgement.

“We going in?” Alex asked quietly, not wanting to move, but also tired of continuously sitting on the fence post for so long. He wanted to take a step in either direction; whether forward or back, he couldn’t even keep straight which way was a step on the right course anymore.

Evan nodded, taking an involuntary step towards Alex, and allowing him to lead her inside the giant revolving doors.
As soon as they entered the lobby, the cool air disappeared and was replaced with a blast of hot, thick ventilation, the scent of flowers and cleaning products, almost unbearable.

Alex glanced over at the receptionist, who was smiling at him expectantly. “Oh no! I never even thought… how will we find him?” Evan said suddenly as she caught sight of the girl.

“I think I got this… hold on.” Alex said, allowing his grin to widen as he moved towards the front desk. “Hey again… listen, you’re not gonna believe this but… I can’t remember my room number… it’s been one of those nights, you know?” Alex said, leaning one arm over the desk as he looked at the girl.

“Oh… that’s not problem, what name is the room under?” She said, batting her lashes at him, despite the fact that he was wrapped around Evan.

“I think it’s under my name, Carter. Jeff Carter.” Nodding, the girl glanced through the computer register until she found the room she was looking for, it wasn’t in the system, not as a booking name at least.

“Umm… I have your name here on the credit card… but, are you Mrs. Hartnell?” She asked sheepishly, shifting uncomfortably as the married name rolled off her tongue, and Alex’s grip tightened around Evan, who nodded. “Oh, alright well, your room is 704.”

“Thanks very much…” Evan said quietly, turning around and heading towards the elevator, Alex in tow. “Oh my god…” She breathed once the metal doors closed in front of them.
“Hartnell… it’s her Alex. Oh god… he’s sleeping with Scott Hartnell’s wife… how could he do this?”
Hearing the name didn’t help Evan any, in fact, it made it worse. She knew who Sarah Hartnell was, they were both part of the Flyer’s Wives Association. She had set up and attended charity events with that woman, sat beside her during games…

When they stepped off the elevator, Alex couldn’t help but notice how quiet the seventh floor was. He supposed it was because this floor was filled with expensive suites, and it was January, not a lot of people would be taking romantic vacations in Philly this time of year.
Together, they cautiously walked down the hallway, afraid of being seen. They came to a stop outside of room 704, both of them staring at it with disgust, as if the door was diseased.

Evan wasn’t even sure if she wanted to go in there anymore, not now, now that she knew who was in there and what they were doing.
It changed everything.
No longer did she picture Jeff, with his arms wrapped around some faceless person. No longer did she try to pretend that this wasn’t actually happening, that there was some other explanation; there was none. Jeff was cheating on her with Sarah Hartnell. “Alex, I don’t know if I can do this…” She said, voicing her concern out loud. “I don’t know if I want to do this anymore…”

“Evan, look at me.” He said softly, grabbing onto her shoulders and turning her to look at him directly. “I’m right here… I am right here with you and, you already know… he can’t hurt you anymore. Not if you don’t let him.”
She nodded, turning away from him and taking a step towards the door.

Evan reached out timidly, feeling sicker and sicker, the closer her hand got to the door. When she could go no further, she curled her bruised knuckles into a fist and pounded on it.

Alex felt that knock, like a ripple through his body, inhaling sharply as he watched her do it, two times.
Hearing a shuffle behind the door, Evan stepped back towards Alex, before shoving him out of sight.
She went with him, stepping out of the peep-holes line of sight.

A latch clicked and the chain scraped against the back of the door as Jeff poked his head out, glancing in the wrong direction first, before turning his head and catching sight of Evan and Alex. “Evangeline! Hi… how did… when did you get here?” He asked, his voice a few octaves higher and louder than normal, as worry crinkled his brow.
He pulled the door over behind him and stepped into the hall, shirtless, with nothing on but a pair of old, grey, sweatpants. Angry red scratch marks were visible on his shoulders, but he appeared not to notice as he stepped towards her. “Do not touch me.” Evan snapped firmly, raising her hands in front of her; defensively or menacingly, Alex wasn’t sure.

“Snugglepuss listen…” Jeff started, uncertainty in his face as he glanced at her red knuckles. “I don’t know what you’re so upset about… I was just… getting ready to call you…”

“Bull shit!” Evan screamed, moving towards Jeff, with every intention of throttling him.
Alex stopped her though, grabbing onto her arms and pulling her back.

Jeff kicked the door open behind him and signalled at her to come forward. “Don’t believe, why don’t you come in and check?”


White Horse - Taylor Swift

Evan looked back at Alex, who shrugged, unsure as to what Jeff had up his sleeve; but damned determine to figure things out, once and for all.
She took a step forward, Alex moving with her as they followed Jeff into the suite.

It was beautiful.

Luscious, deep, red carpet stretched from wall to wall; which were all ivory white, lit only by the large number of candles that covered the table, desk and nightstand.
A bottle of white wine, sat chilling in a silver bucket, unopened. There were two crystal glasses beside it, each contained a single, red, rose petal, and nothing more.

There was food on the table, an assortment of platters, all covered but one; it contained several large, plump, chocolate dipped strawberries.
Alex took a deep breath, where the hell was Sarah Hartnell? There was no way Jeff was here alone… no way that tonight, was actually the night he was going to do something for Evan.
What were the chances?

“Jeff…?” Evan said quietly, turning around to do a complete 360 of the room. “I don’t… understand…?”
Evan was lost in the same question as Alex, what were the chances?
She almost lost it, almost believed for one second, that maybe they’d been wrong. But that was before she remembered who had booked the room. “No… no. She’s here, where is she?”

Evan didn’t wait for an answer, walking away from both men, towards the mirror-covered closet, and throwing the doors open.
After finding nothing she moved onto the bathroom, opening the door and letting out a manic, single laugh, when she found the plain, mousy, blond woman sitting on the bathroom counter.

Sarah looked slightly afraid, but unashamed and unmoved as she stared back at Evan; both her hands holding onto the single towel, that covered her nudity.
Alex did bother looking into the bathroom as he grabbed onto Evan and pulled her towards the door. He didn’t have to look, he already knew what she found, he had his own issues to deal with.
The last thing he needed was to see the woman who allowed Scott Hartnell to put his dick in her.

Evan contemplated throwing her second punch of the night, but decided against it. She didn’t want to be in that room any longer than she absolutely had to. “Evangeline! Babycakes, it’s not what it looks like!” Jeff called after her, following them out into the hallway.

“Oh my god!” Evan groaned, coming to a halt and turning around. “It just never stops with you! The lies, the deceit… I caught you Jeff… what else is it going to take?! I knew, I knew about you and what you were doing when I came here… I already had the proof.
I’m sick of being fooled by you… just… just leave me alone, it‘s over.”

Alex tried to stay in the moment, tried to refrain from feeling anything but complete sorrow and heartache as Evan tugged off her engagement ring and threw it towards Jeff.
He tried very hard not to become blissful, as she interlaced her fingers through his, and gently tugged him after her, towards the elevator… but it was hard.

When they entered it, and turned back around to look at Jeff, he was stunned. It didn’t even look like a word she said had registered with him.
The doors closed and they left him standing there, with nothing but an unwanted ring, and an unfaithful wife.

Evan waited until they were safely tucked into a cab, and on their way back to her house, before she said anything. It was a stupid question, one that shouldn’t matter and one that didn’t seem relevant, but she still needed to ask it. “Do you think that she’s-”

“No.” Alex said firmly, grabbing onto her hand with his larger one. “She’s not prettier than you… not even close.” He sighed deeply, turning to glance out the window as he thought about the events of the night, and the wonderful, unexpected twisted that it had taken.
When he looked back at her, silent tears were falling down her perfect face. “Please Evan, please don’t start feeling like you’re not worthy or ugly…” Alex begged, squeezing her hand.

“I won’t.” She replied simply, her voice more pulled together then he expected it to be. Evan looked up at him and smiled, returning the firm gesture with her own hand. “How could I ever possibly think that? Every time you look at me, I feel beautiful.”

Sunday, February 21, 2010

21. Into Enemy Territory

I honestly can't believe I was able to finish this on time... don't mind errors... there wasn't any proof-reading LOL

If I Never See Your Face Again - Maroon5 ft. Rhianna

Alex stumbled out onto the sidewalk, one arm grasping onto the cab door, the other holding up Evan as she fell out behind him. Laughing uncontrollably he pulled her onto her feet and looked behind him to make sure the guys were following.

Alex and Evan hadn’t talked about her discovery at all since that morning. There wasn’t any tension between them, but neither of them wanted to bring it up again. Evan didn’t want to think about it until she had to, ie, when Jeff got home on Monday, and Alex didn’t want her to start crying again, by poking at the fresh wounds.

They got into the club quickly, without question. Max leading the way, followed by TK and Kelsey, Jordan, Cookie and his wife Emma, Kris and Jo, Rupper, Fleury.
The group stuck together, moving as one, as they made their way to a few empty tables in the back.
Normally, Max Talbot would never try to hide in the corner, but tonight he felt the need to at least 'blend in', well, sort of. It wasn’t even that anyone there recognized them, or that they were expecting trouble, it was simply the fact that they all felt like they were doing something wrong. A dozen children with their hands in the cookie jar, so to speak.

Kelsey and Cookie’s wife took off to the dance floor after depositing their jackets on one of the chairs; leaving everyone else to order drinks at the table. Alex took a seat beside Evan, taking a sideways glance at her as everyone else took their own seats.
She looked fantastic, for the most part. Kelsey and TK had shown up first with Max and Jordan; and Kelsey had gotten ready with Evan, glaming her up doing her best to avoid any heavy conversation.

Now Evan sat, her elbows on the table as she laughed along with everyone else, looking like a superstar; but there was something else below the surface, something only Alex would notice, in her smile.

Normally, Evan’s smile was contagious. It would stretch up to her eyes, lighting them, giving her whole face a carefree glow.
Tonight that familiar spark wasn’t there. Sure, she looked happy, but Alex noticed the sadness in her eyes. Evan was trying to hide the fact that she was in pain, and she was doing a fairly good job of it; enough at least, that when Max took the empty seat on the other side of her, he began to pester her immediately. “So, is it time to drop the zero and get with the hero yet?!” Max asked loudly, reaching over to slap Evan on the back. “Er… well, in this case… Gogo… I mean, he’s no me, but, he’s better than Carter.”
Evan raised her eyebrows and looked at Max, a small smirk playing on the side of her lips. “Unless you want the full, game seven hero experience cause…” Max trailed off, pointing to himself, his grin threatening to take in his ears

“Alright, that’s enough I think…” Alex said quickly, looking past Evan to give Max a warning look. But Max was too busy laughing to notice it, and he jumped up, grabbing Evan and tugging her from the table.
Alex went to stand up, trying to stop Max from kidnapping her, but Jordan moved into Evan’s set, and restrained him with a single hand.

“Relax, he’s only doing that to try and get a response from you… if you go over there, you’re only giving him what he wants.” Jordan said, matter-of-factly. Alex caught Max’s eyes and saw him grin again.
He knew that Jordan was right, and that fact alone, was the only reason he didn’t get up and chase after them.

He tried to take Jordan’s advice, and relax, but he found it hard to keep up with the conversation at the table; as Evan’s hips swayed back and forth with the music, across the room. “Does she know it was Hartnell’s wife?” Cookie asked, his question finally causing Alex to turn around, shaking his head.

“It obviously didn’t say that on the receipt and I didn’t want to tell her cause, well, she’d want to know how I randomly knew that…” Alex said, shrugging.

“I wonder what Hartnell would do if he knew…” Cookie said thoughtfully, trailing off as he took a sip of beer.

Rupper started to laugh, “fuck, that’d be something to see boys… Could you just imagine it? I mean, an affair is bad enough… fucking a team-mates wife?” He gave off a low whistle, raising his eyebrows as if he was impressed by Carter’s moronic move.

“I’d love to see the look on Hartnell’s face… I mean, I want to feel bad cause he got cheated on but… he’s such a dick.” TK said, grimacing at the thought of trying to empathize with a Flyer.

“Next time we see him… we should tell him!” Rupp yelled, slamming his hand on the table, causing everyone around him to jump.

“Agreed.” Cookie said, raising his beer and nodding as TK and Jordan followed suite.

“So… right now.” Jo grinned, talking for the first time, and nodding towards the other end of the bar.
Alex turned and followed her motion, catching sight of Hartnell, Richards and a few other Flyers, laughing at a table as scantly clad women mingled around them.
Alex felt his face fall, as the other guys busted into laughter. "Ok... first time we see him, when Evan's not around." Rupper corrected, before starting to laugh again.

“Fuck.” Alex said finally, loudly. “Carter told Evan he was spending the weekend with Richards…”

Jo glanced around, biting her lip as her eyes searched the crowd. “I don’t see him over there.” Alex looked harder, and realized that she was right.

“Two guesses what he’s doing.” Cookie said, trying to hide his grin behind his drink.

“-who he’s doing.” Jordan corrected, the two of them erupting into laughter.

“Guys, knock it off! That’s not funny!” Alex snapped, pulling off his ball cap to run a hand through his hair.
He tried to take a deep breath and remain calm, there was always the chance that Evan wouldn’t notice, after all, if she was drinking…

Alex clung to that thought, desperately hoping against all odds, that Evan wouldn’t notice the change in atmosphere or the presence of Flyers in the bar. Of course, that desire was only short lived; coming to an abrupt halt as Max decided to open his mouth, arriving back to the table, with Evan trailing behind him. “Hey… isn’t that Carcillo?” Max said loudly, nodding in the direction that everyone else was trying to avoid staring in. “Yah it is! And look there’s- oh…” He finished, his voice getting softer as he realized the mistake he’d just made.
“So… I met a girl out there and she was pretty hot… might have to take her home and plant the ’seed o’ Talbot’ in her…” He said, turning his attention to the guys and trying to pretend the last few seconds hadn’t occurred. “And you know, by ’plant the seed’ I mean, blow it all over her face…”

“That’s disgusting!” Evan groaned as she came up behind Max, her eyes darting over to where Max had been pointing.

She took in the view of what was going on, trying to pretend like she wasn’t paying attention to her fiancé’s team-mates. But she was, intently.
Her eyes scanned the entire crowd, desperately searching for a woman that stuck out. She would have to know, wouldn’t she? Even if they’d never been in the same room before, she would have to know which one she was… right?
It seemed implausible, that someone could turn her life upside down, and yet she could still not know who it was.

She sighed and shook her head sadly, the last thing she wanted to do tonight was think about Jeff.
Evan felt a strong arm wrap around her waist, tugging on her gently. She glanced down to see Alex looking up at her, his eyes full of worry as his lips pulled into a slight frown. She badly wanted to kiss those lips.
The intensity of that notion, seemed to wake her up, as if she'd been sleeping before. She inhaled quickly and glanced around, wondering if anyone else had noticed the sudden blush of her cheeks; they hadn’t.
Evan lowered herself down onto Alex’s lap, sitting on his legs in - what she hoped - was a friendly manner.

Friendly or not, Alex couldn’t help but revel in the feel of her slender form, perched on him; his arm still locked firmly around her midsection. They stared at each other for a while, drifting off into their own little world, as the bar around them faded away.

Evan leaned forward slightly, completely forgetting about her hate for PDA, as she prepared to brush her lips against his.
But she froze, halfway down, realizing that she couldn't make the same mistake twice. If she kissed him again, there would be no going back; it would be a done-deal.
The first time could be brushed away, but not the second, not again.

And then, just like that, she was completely, surprisingly, wonderfully ready.

Alex’s mind was going through the same stages, torn, between what was right and what he wanted to be right.
Evan had just found out about her cheating fiancé, would it be taking advantage of her to lean forward and brush his lips to hers? Or if he whispered the three little words that he’d already said to her a million times?

They both felt that spark, the connection, the pull. Evan looked away for a second, a subliminal goodbye to the world that she’d come to know, as she glanced back at the people that she should have been better acquainted with.

It was then that she saw Mike.


Four Kicks - Kings of Leon

It was a feral, guttural sound that escaped Evan, her body lunging off Alex, as Mike made eye contact with her. “Evan… Evan? Where are you… oh shit.” Alex sputtered, moving to get up and chase after her as she crossed the dance floor towards the awaiting Flyer.

When he got to his feet, Alex realized that he wasn’t alone. The rest of the boys were standing up too, all of them following Evan with their eyes; some looked excited, some intrigued - all of them looked like men, united with a singular purpose.
Before Alex had any kind of rational thought, centering around possible repercussions, he was back beside Evan.

“Oh hey… what’s up, buttercup?” Mike Richards smirked, only his eyes betraying his cool demeanour as he glanced back and forth between Evan and the fuming Penguins that had come to encircle the table he was currently occupying.

“A long way from the Burgh, aren’t yas?” Hartnell laughed, pulling his chair closer to Mike, in an attempt to get closer to the action. Jordan snorted, as Rupper balanced forward on the balls of his feet, waiting to lunge.
Max moved up to stand next to TK, as Cookie’s hands balled up into tight fists. Alex, seeing the reactions of his team-mates, wanted to diffuse the situation; before Evan’s dirty laundry became headlining news… Penguins Invade Philadelphia, Cause Mass Damage.

“Where’s Jeff?” Alex said finally, grabbing onto Evan’s upper arm and pulling her back towards him. “He’s suppose to be with you, isn’t he?”

Mike cleared his throat, taking a sideways glance at Hartnell. “He had to step out for a bit… should be here later on. Why don’t you boys just take off, you can leave the broad here.” He finished, earning a few choice chuckles from the men behind him.

“Don’t you fuckin broad me!” Evan yelled, loudly, finally losing her composure. “He was suppose to be with you, and he’s just not? Where are they?” She almost hissed, pulling out of Alex’s grasp, in order to lean over the table and stare Mike in the eye. “The Hilton, again?”

Pursing his lips, Mike glanced back at Hartnell, who managed a shrug, before looking away; clearly uncomfortable with the amount Evan appeared to know. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He said finally, staring back at her with animosity. “But if I were you, I’d fucking learn some respect… instead of hanging out with a bunch of-”

But just what Mike thought about the Penguins, Alex and company weren’t about to find out. Two seconds later, Mike was standing up clutching his nose in his hands, blood pooling out between his fingers.
The punch that had broken his nose, didn’t come from the most obvious of people. No, Cookie and Rupp were still standing motionless, only now they were gawking at Evan, whom was clutching her bruising knuckles in her other hand. “Fuck you, Mike. And you too. You’re all a bunch of conceited, low-life bastards…” She spat, turning around and heading away from the table group of gaping spectators.

Alex took off after her immediately, gratefully grabbing their coats from Kelsey, who was standing by the door with an anxious look on her face; the assorted jackets of his friends, shared between her and Jo’s arms.
He tugged it on as he followed after Evan, catching up with her almost a block away, shivering as she leaned against the building. “Come on Evan… I’ll grab a cab and take you home…” He said, shaking out her jacket and helping her pull it on.

A bunch of loud laughter caused him to turn from her, just in time to see the rest of their group pouring out onto the sidewalk. “Ma belle, Evangeline!” Max yelled, his arms raised above his head as he cheered her name.

“That was fucking awesome…”, “totally amazing!” Came the random words of support, as they came to a stop a foot away from where Alex and Evan were standing.
Evan gave them a sad grin, allowing Alex to pull her into a one armed hug.

“Alright now… let’s head back to Evan‘s, and go celebrate Mike Richards’ getting bossed by a girl!” Jordan suggested, the words rolling off his tongue with a sort of religious reverence.

Evan nodded slowly, but glanced up to address Alex directly when she spoke next. “You guys go on ahead, we’ll meet you there… we got a courtesy call to make at the Hilton.”

Saturday, February 20, 2010

20. Jumbled Mess

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And yes… I did skip Christmas a while ago so… don’t think you missed anything. Why? Because I hate Christmas… sorry lol.

Where I Stood - Missy Higgins(Cover)

Taking a cue from Alex, Evan wanted to do something nice for her best friend. He had, after all, not only cleaned up her house, but taken care of her the night before; that at least equalled a hearty, home cooked breakfast.

Feeling extremely chipper, especially after a night of drinking, Evan hummed as she made her way into the kitchen. She opened the fridge and pulled out an assortment of food; eggs, bacon, has browns and condiments.

Turning on the stove she cracked the eggs and beat in some ham, chives, cheese and peppers; just the way Alex liked them. Flipping them a few times, before she laid the bacon, sizzling, on the pan.
She stood back to wait a few minutes for the food to be ready, deciding to run out and get the paper; after all, she didn’t even know if the Flyers had won last night or not.

Jogging down the hall, she came to a stop in front of the open closet door and grabbed her thick coat off the hanger. She draped it around her shoulders and hopped into a pair of her boots, by the front door, before opening the door to the mid-January air.
Evan pulled the coat around her and dashed off towards the driveway, where the paper sat, rolled in a blue plastic bag, waiting.
She grabbed it, letting out a squeal as a gust of wind hit her on the bare legs, sending her jetting back towards the front door.

Giggling, she closed the door behind her, taking a deep breath of the warm, indoor air, before shaking off her jacket.
She set the paper down on the hall table and grabbed the hanger, putting her jacket back and kicking her boots into the bottom of the closet. Evan took a step back when she felt something stick to her foot.

Glancing down she noticed a piece of paper stuck to her. Bending her leg up behind her, she tugged it free and flipped it over.
The bill was steep. Apparently Jeff had spent two nights at the local Hilton. It made no sense to Evan; originally she had assumed it was for work but, why would he need to stay at a hotel that was only twenty minutes away?

Then she looked at the bill closer. Room service, including wine and desserts… a room with a hot tub and extras…? Evan shook her head, no, this wasn’t possible. Why on earth would Jeff need all that stuff…

“Oh!” She said loudly, smiling to herself as things began to make sense. Jeff was planning a getaway for them; a two day retreat where they could just be alone and get to spend some well earned time together.

Evan was relaxed, boarder-line giddy as she turned and headed back into the kitchen, when a few words slammed the wind from her.
She crumpled to the floor, her hand covering her mouth as she re-read the words, and re-read the words, and re-read the words.

December 14th and 15th, 2009. He had already gone on a romantic getaway, and she hadn’t been with him.
It was everything and nothing at the same time. A wave of anguish and pain, mingled in with a vain sense of vindication.

Evan would have found humour in her line of thought, if there was any humour to be had, when her mind automatically wondered to who the other woman was.
Questions flooded through her faster than she could comprehend them. Was she prettier than Evan? Was she better? Nicer? Smarter? Funnier? Why did Jeff want to be with her instead?
Why wasn’t he just with her, if he was so uninterested in Evan?
Was this her fault? Was she not enough woman for him? Did she somehow not give him what he needed?
What had she done to him? To deserve this?

There was no question anymore as to was there another woman, no, Evan knew better. Her she held the proof and, beyond that, hadn't she already known?
The chain was short lived, as the original took back over in her mind. Was this other woman just simply too desirable? Maybe she was the perfect woman and Evan couldn’t compete with her… did she even want to compete with her?
Did Evan even want to be with Jeff anymore?
She was hurting, badly. She wanted to curl up into a ball and die, not have to feel any more of the burning agony that was pumping through every nerve ending in her body.
She wanted to forget everything. She wanted to find answers, without having to ask the questions… but she had none, just doubt.

The only thing she could truly understand, or form thought around, was the fact that Jeff was cheating on her.


Look After You - The Fray(Cover)

Alex woke up to the sound of the smoke alarm beeping from the downstairs. Sitting up with a start, he didn’t bother reaching for a shirt as he threw open the door and ran down the stairs.
He rounded the corner and flew into the kitchen; realizing instantly, to his relief, that there was in fact, no fire.

He crinkled his nose up at the smell of burning food, pulling the pans off the stove and dumping them in the sink; charcoaled bacon and all. It wasn’t until he had fanned away the smoke and managed to turn off the fire alarm, that he began to get worried. Where was Evan? And where was she that she’d managed to burn everything? “Evan?” Alex called loudly, his voice anxious as he moved quickly out of the kitchen and into the front hallway.

Alex saw her then, her tiny, frail, form clutching the white paper in one hand. Her other hand was covering her face and even from down the hall, Alex could tell she was crying.
“Oh god… Evan…” He groaned, angry at himself for his moment of idiocy the night before.

He slid down onto his knees when he reached her, grabbing on to her and pulling her against his chest; his arms encircling her and holding her tightly. “Alex…” Was all she could manage to sob before she threw her arms around him, crying harder.

Alex lifted her up, murmuring soothing words to her as he carried her into the living room. He manoeuvred her as he sat down, until she was resting on his lap, his arms still embracing her.
He held her for a long time, quietly trying to hold himself together as she fell apart. He couldn’t let his own pain and guilt overcome him now, she needed him to be strong… she needed him to be strong.

When she had finally composed herself enough to stay her tears, she pulled away; but only enough that she could look up at Alex. “He’s cheating on me… I found this… look…” She said quietly, holding out the receipt Alex had already seen.

He took it from her and glanced at it, trying to pretend like he was somewhat surprised; but the attempt was lost on both of them. Evan was too over come with information and hurt that she didn’t even notice, and Alex was too mad at himself to really care if he looked shocked or not.

“I just… I can’t believe it…” Evan said slowly, before exhaling loudly and shaking her head. “That’s a lie. I knew Alex… I just knew. He was drifting away and I felt it… I just can’t…” She trailed off, her emotions too jumbled to bothering describing them.

They sat in silence a while longer as they both stared at the small paper that held the proof of Jeff’s betrayal.
It was amazing how something so simple could do so much damage.

That receipt had been printed off by someone, someone who had no idea that a little over a month later, someone would cry over it. It was funny almost, how things managed to work out like that.
Funnier still easily it couldn’t have worked out. If Jeff was smarter he could have thrown it out, or told the receptionist that he didn’t need it, then it wouldn’t be here, and things would be unfolding differently.

Alex glanced away from the small letters, to look at Evan carefully, searching for some sign of resolution in her eyes. “Can you believe that he did this to me? Can you believe he cheated on me?” She asked softly, her fingers numbly clutching to the paper, as if she could just hold on tight enough, then maybe she could hang on to the shredded pieces of her failed relationship.

He tilted his head back, glancing at the ceiling as he ran his tongue along his bottom lip. He thought about giving some typical, friend answer, one that didn’t really satisfy the question, but attempted to make the person feel better. He decided against that though, not looking down at her as he nodded his head. “Yes.”

Her voice was barely audible when she responded. “What?”

“I believe that he cheated on you. Jeff Carter is not a good person, he never has been… not in the time I’ve known him and not in the time that anyone else has either.
You deserve better than him… you always have.” He didn’t bother to add that he wanted to be that person, Evan had too much to think about already.

Evan sighed as fresh tears began to trail along her cheeks, outlining the contours of her face, before Alex reached out and gently brushed them away. “Do you know that I caught him? That I thought he was up to something but he got me to call Mike, and Mike lied for him?” She shook her head, disgusted as she remembered how guilty Jeff had made her feel, how dumb and horrible she felt after suggesting he was doing something wrong. “He told me that someone had to be the ‘honest one’ in our relationship and… he tried to make me believe that that was him.” She said, starting to laugh through the tears as she thought of the irony of the whole situation. “I should have known when he said that you could come over, that something was up.”

Alex stared at her wide-eyed as she started to giggle louder, her entire body shaking with the force of her confusion.

“Ummm… Evan?” Alex asked timidly, glancing away from her as the familiar melody of his ring tone, sounded out in a muffled buzz.

“Get it, I’m fine…” She hiccupped, climbing out of Alex’s lap. He stood up and crossed the room quickly, glancing back at her as he did so.

He stood in front of the open closet, searching through the pockets of his hung jacket. Finding his phone he flipped it open, only to hear a familiar voice. “Bonjour! He lives!” Max laughed, causing Alex to grimace.

“Listen Max, this isn’t a good time-”

“Alright well then, we’ll just talk to you tonight when we see you…” He trailed off, a grin in his voice.

“What? No! No..? Why would you see me?” Alex sputtered, walking back into the living room, afraid to leave Evan alone.

Max shrugged, also walking into the living room, only he was going to make sure Jordan didn’t eat his pop tarts. “Because, we’ve decided to go visit you for the night… oui? Supper then bars? Remember Philly women love us so… it‘s really our duty to show them a good time! À bientôt!” He yelled before hanging up the phone and tossing it away onto the couch.

Alex shook his head and flipped his phone closed. “Umm… you wanna go out tonight?” He asked, for lack of anything better to say in the moment.

“With who?” She said quietly, her fit of laughter over. Now that she was facing him with her hair pulled out of her face, Alex could see just how wan she looked.

“Max and some of the guys…”

She gave a feeble shrug. “Might as well.”

Alex stopped in his tracks, looking back and forth between her and his phone, did she really just say that?
She finds out her fiancé is cheating on her and instead of wanting to kill him or stay home and eat ice cream, she wants to hang out with Max? “Ok.”

“I’m gonna go… have a shower. If Jeff calls…” She began to say, looking away from Alex and gulping loudly. “… he won't but, if he calls, just don’t answer it.”
She stood up and moved towards Alex stopping in front of him and placing her hand on his bare chest. “Thank you.” She began to say, ignoring him when he tried to stop her. “No, just listen… You’re the most amazing person I’ve ever known, and I don’t know what I’d do without you…
It feels like I’ve always been able to count on you… that there’s always something going on in my life that I need to depend on you for and, I don’t think I’ve ever returned the favour. Just know that…” She smiled in spite of herself, grinning up at him before changing her train of thought. “And I've never told you how proud I am of you... look at you. You've accomplished everything you set out to... and you deserve every second of it. If anyone should have success it's you and... I'm just so proud of you.”
Evan moved past him, leaving him standing alone as she quietly ascended the stairs towards the master bathroom.
She tried not to think about how many times she’d had sex with Jeff throughout the house, instead, she tried to focus on other things; things that usually left her mind wander to Alex.

Alex stood, unmoving, until he could hear the water come on in the shower. When he turned around he glanced at the stairs and the way she had gone, his heart beating in his throat as he moved towards them.
He climbed them slowly, heading down the hallway and walking through the open door of Evan’s bedroom.

The shower door was slightly ajar and Alex could hear Evan humming quietly through the pounding water as he placed a hand against the white, wooden door. He recognized the song, an old fashioned melody that played during the credits of the Notebook… the song she always cried through.
It reminded him of something else, something that caused him to retract his hand and decide against pushing the door open. A few words that rang so close to home, especially after she had talked of his successes; because what Evan didn’t know was that he had accomplished the most important thing, but it was only with her help.

He remembered the scene so vividly, like the movie was playing in front of him as the man’s voice echoed out over a few faded memories… In one respect I have succeeded as gloriously as anyone who's ever lived...I've loved another with all my heart and soul; and to me, this has always been enough.