Does the moment make the man, or does the man make the moment?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Setting It Up...

Alrighty my peeps...

So I have the first post scheduled for February 1st... although, I only have two posts written thus far.
As long as everything goes good though, we should be on schedule! *Fingers crossed*

Also, I feel like it's my duty to explain when I go 'out of the norm' with a character.
I know that Max Talbot is always fun loving, but with some kind of deeper purpose... but he's not really like that in this story. I'm basing him on my friend (Consti if you read NHelle), so... he might not be the same sort of person he is in other stories. (I felt I owed people that little heads-up).

But that being said, YES, this is a Gogo story... yay!

Hope you like it... I can't wait to get your feedback.