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Monday, March 1, 2010

Oh no...

Hey guys... I got a HUGE virus on my lap top so... not sure how this is going to work... in all honesty, I've lost a lot of stuff and I might have to delete the rest so... = /

I'm gonna take my laptop in to get cleaned and see how it all works out... wish me luck <3!


  1. I would seriously be a huge mess if my computer screwed up and I lost everything, my school work and EVERYTHING, ugh.

    Gooood luck! Usually computer guys are wizards and can save quite a bit so hopefully they can give you a hand.

    We will sit patiently waiting for you to give us the Evan & Gogo chapter we all desperately need to read ;)

    Now I am off to backup all my files on to my external hard drive so this doesn't happen to me!!

  2. good luck...the same thing happened with my lap top a few months ago but I was lucky and the place I found to fix it was able to save everything that was important...hopefully you have the same luck

  3. good luck. I know your pain.... viruses are a pain in the ass...

  4. good luck!!!! hope you get your laptop better((: I'm making it sound like a child haha