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Monday, March 1, 2010

27. “I Will”

Sorry guys, this one still feels choppy and stuff… it’s longer than usual but, meh… also once again, no proofing...

Lay Low - Tim Chaisson( I went to high school with this guy! haha)

Evan and Alex both stood, open-mouthed, as they looked around the packed locker-room.
Evan hadn’t meant for that to happen, not at all. She just needed him; to see him, talk to him, be around him. But that had all changed as soon as she actually saw him.
In her rush to get Alex undressed and inside of her, Evan had completely forgotten about the fact that people could probably hear them. Of course Alex hadn’t forgotten that, but, he also didn’t truly care.
Sure, now he’d never hear the end of it, but there were much worse things they could be saying to him. He’d heard it all.

Alex grabbed onto Evan’s arm, and pulled her behind him, trying to shield her with his body as he slid, sideways, towards his stall. He changed as fast as possible, all thoughts of a shower forgotten as he pulled on his street clothing.
Once he was dressed her turned back around to find Evan, covering her face, as the guys continued to stare at him, smirking. “Well… ah… we’ll just be… bye!” He yelled, gently shoving Evan out the door and taking off after her.

They were both laughing hysterically by the time they reached the back parking lot. Coming to a stop by Alex’s SUV, he turned around to take her hands in his.
He smiled down at her, happy tears leaking out of the corner of her eyes and he reached up slowly, wiping them away with the pads of his thumbs.
They were both, also, red in the face; more from physical exertion than actual embarrassment. Evan had too much on her mind to fully pay attention to her voyeurism, and Alex was still trying to figure out what had actually just occurred. “So…?” He grinned, shrugging. “I’m not really gonna complain but… what was this all about?”

“I left Jeff.” She said quickly, waiting for a reaction. Alex stared at her hard, searching for an explanation, so she began to back track. “Well, what I mean is… I came back early, and he was with her. In our house.”

That was all she had to say. As curious as Alex was to find out the details of Jeff’s complete, moronic, fuck-up, he didn’t need to hear anymore. “Evan… I’m so sorry.”

She waved away his concern. “Don’t. It’s not your fault… he’s just an idiot and well… apparently I’m an idiot too.” She said, giving him a sad grin.

“You’re not an idiot. Having faith and giving someone another chance, doesn’t make you an idiot… it makes him a retard.” Alex let go of her face, a took a step back. “So what now?”

Alex tried to sound casual, like he was only asking about the current situation and not the future, their future. If Evan noticed at all, she didn’t say anything. “I don’t know I mean… what do you do?” She asked absently, not truly expecting Alex to have an answer for her.

“Do you have clothing or anything? I mean… should we go pick up some of your stuff or…?”

She shook her head quickly. “No, god, I just got here… I don’t want to drive all the way back. Jeff has a game on Monday so… we could just go then, if you don’t mind?” Evan hated asking like that, imposing on Alex that he was supposed to come. It wasn’t that he had to come, it was just that she really, really needed him there.

“Of course not, let’s go grab some food and then we’ll head back to my place, alright?” Evan nodded and allowed Alex to open the car door for her. He closed it after she crawled into the vehicle and walked around to his side, trying to keep the smile off his face.
Of course he knew that she was hurting much more than she was showing, and that it would all come out later. But, if there was one thing that both Evan and Alex knew, it was that there would be no third chances for Jeff.

“I’m not taking your bed, Alex! I’ll sleep on the couch or just stay in the spare-room if no one’s there tonight.” Evan said forcefully as she followed Alex into his house after lunch and stopping to pick up a few female essentials. “Hey Max…” She added sheepishly as she caught sight of the French-man sitting on the couch.

Max grinned in spite of himself and nodded at them. “Bonjour, mon petite sex kitten…”

“Ugh, nice Max… and this place is a mess! Have you been sitting here all day, doing nothing?” Alex scolded, trying to move the conversation away from the morning’s activities.

Max rolled his eyes and pointed at the TV enthusiastically. “I’m not ‘doing nothing‘, I’m watching cars smash into each other… it’s awesome!” He explained as the monster car derby continued on the screen.
Shrugging his shoulders, Alex ushered Evan upstairs.

Once his bedroom door was closed behind him, Alex turned around and watched Evan as she flopped down onto his bed. “You ok?” He asked after a while. She laid back, stretching her arms above her head and let out a deep sigh. “Evan?” He moved towards her, crawling onto the bed and laying down on his side.

“I’m ok… it’s just like… I’m sorry.” She said finally, fighting to find the words as they came out.

Alex paused, crinkling his brow as he contemplated her words. “Why are you sorry? Wait like… are you apologising to me?” He reached a hand out to her, and rolled her onto her side, until she was facing him. “Why?”

“For everything… the fact that I keep pushing shit on you and being selfish. I mean, this morning, I wasn’t even thinking about what you need… or if you had plans after practice…
I just keep showing up in your life and it’s not fair.” She exhaled loudly and began to blink quickly, trying to keep the tears back. “You’re a better friend than I’ve ever deserved.”

Alex took a deep breath, allowing the small grin to play on his lips. “You’re way too hard on yourself… and besides, there’s never a time that I don’t want to see you… especially if that means that I don’t have to hang out with Carter anymore.” He chuckled, watching her reaction. She gave him a sad smile and reached out, tracing his face with her fingers. “You wanna go out or something tonight?” He asked, clearing his throat as he tried to ignore how fantastic her hands felt against his skin.

“We could just stay in… if you want…”

Alex could hear the guys coming in, and he turned his head to find the clock in the dark. It was almost four AM on Monday morning, and Alex knew that they’d be passing out soon; the sound of them falling up the stairs only confirming the point further.
He exhaled lightly and turned back over, his arm, rewinding itself around Evan as she slept soundly beside him. He nuzzled his face into the back of her hair and took a deep breath, feeling her shift slightly in her sleep. This was the second night he’d spent beside her like this, and he was in complete bliss.

He also knew that it might not last though, and only tomorrow would show what was going to happen.
There was just something about the idea of driving Evan back into Philly, that was enough to turn his stomach.


Call It Off - Tegan and Sara

“Do you need me to go in… or… do you wanna go in alone?” Alex asked, skeptically, as he pulled into the drive way of Jeff Carter’s home.

“No, I think I can go in alone… I’ll be back in a few minutes.” She said quietly, pushing the door open and swinging her legs out. She turned around and glanced at Alex as she climbed the stairs onto the porch, he gave her a small wave.

Taking a deep breath she turned back around and put her key into the lock, before pushing it open.
It opened loudly, creaking for the first time, ironically enough. She winced as it opened, hoping that no one was home, and that no one heard that.

She waited a few minutes until she was sure she was alone, before taking a step in, and then another.
Losing her nerve completely, she bolted for the stairs, taking them two at a time. She rounded the corner quickly and threw open the bedroom door.
The room was in disarray, clothing scattered everywhere and the bed was unmade, the sheets hanging out of one side; like Jeff had just rolled out and left.

Evan didn’t stop to think too much about it, just grabbing her luggage case out of the closet and piling in her clothing. She ran into the bathroom and swiped her make-up, shampoo and toothbrush off the counter before tossing those into the bag as well. She dropped down to her knees and forced the bulging zipper shut, standing up again and tugging the bag up with her. “Evangeline?” Came the question behind her, freezing her in her tracks.

She felt Jeff move behind her, until he was so close she could feel his breath on her. She gulped, turning slowly until they were face to face. She opened her mouth to speak, but words failed her as she stared up at him.
He looked confused, lost, but he didn’t look depressed. He didn’t look upset or angry or hurt… no, of course not, she realized. Why would he?

He was her problem, not the other way around. There was nothing wrong with her, he was the fucked up one. The way he stood there, staring at her expectantly, like everything that had happened had been her fault.

She didn’t bother saying anything, lifting her bag off the ground to move past him, but he stopped her with an arm. “What’s that? What are you doing?”

“I’m leaving you Jeff.” She hissed, slapping his hand away from her and heading towards the bedroom door.
He followed her, grabbing onto her bag and yanking, hard. She snapped backwards, almost losing her balance as she struggled to stay on her feet. “Let go!” She yelled, her eyes zeroing in on him.

“We both know you’ll just end up back here, so why the fuck do you have to be so dramatic?” He asked, chuckling slightly as he watched her face flush.

“I’m not coming back… not ever again. You had your second chance, and you lost it… so fuck you. And let go!” She said again, yanking on the bag. She managed to get it free, as he stood there, stunned by the fact that she’d just cursed directly at him.

She took off down the hall, the heavy bag slamming back and forth between her thigh and the wall, causing an uncomfortable pain in her muscle as she descended the stairs.
Jeff caught up with her again, finally realizing that this could possibly be the end of his relationship. “Evangeline!” He said, grabbing onto her shoulder and spinning her around again. “Babylove… come on! I don’t love her… I swear to god, she doesn’t mean anything to me.” He pressed, not letting go of her. “Not a god damn thing cupcake… come on…”

Evan let out a sharp laugh, trying to free her arm from his firm grasp. She could feel his fingers digging into her skin, and it hurt, bad. “I know Jeff, I believe you… I don’t think that you have the ability to love anyone… you’re too damn busy loving yourself.” She snapped, tugging on her arm once more.

She pulled again and Jeff let go, sending her falling backwards down the stairs. She frantically reached out for the railing but missed, cringing as she waited for the hard stairs to connect with her back.
But it never came.

She felt herself hit against something hard, but not as hard as the wood floor. She opened her eyes and glanced down, watching Alex’s strong arms wrap around her midsection and pull her down onto the landing. “Are you ok?” He asked her quietly, his voice hard as he cupped her cheek in his hand.
She nodded and he finally moved away from her, taking a few steps up the stairs to where Jeff was standing.

For a few minutes, all three of them thought that Alex was going to punch Jeff in the face, but he didn’t. He stared at him hard, before bending down to pick up Evan’s suitcase with a big hand.
He turned back around and walked down the last few steps, back to her. “You have a lot of fucking nerve coming into my house.” Jeff said, his courage back up, once he was sure Alex wasn’t going to strike him.

Alex stopped, nodding for Evan to head to the door, before he looked back at Jeff. “You wanna do something about?” Alex asked, holding his hands out to the side, suitcase still clutched in his right hand. “Cause if you’re ready to man up, and step up to me… come on down… I’ve been waiting for this for a long, long time.” Alex tried to keep the smile off his face, but he was unable to. It wasn’t a lie when he said he’d been thinking about this day for a long time.
The feels of resentment he’d felt towards Jeff from the very beginning, were now mingled with the strongest hate, something he’d never felt towards anyone before.
He wanted to rip Jeff apart, he wanted to extract payment in blood, for all the awful, stupid, selfish things that he’d ever done to Evan. But like always, she was the first thing in his mind.

Instead of pressing Jeff further, Alex turned and left him cowering on the stairs, moving swiftly towards Evan. He wrapped his free arm around her shoulders and led her out of the house, towards the safety of his SUV.

She went without a fight, allowing Alex to help her in, before he threw her things into the back.
They drove back out to the highway, Evan glancing down at her hand, before reaching down for her ring and tugging it off.
She was surprised to find that she not only still had it, but that she was still wearing it.
Force of habit, she supposed. With everything else that had been going on, it seemed so unimportant and insignificant, but she still needed it off.

Rolling down her window, she felt Alex’s eyes on her as she tossed her ring out into a random parking lot. She watched it arch in the sky, twinkling as it spiralled back down towards the earth.
She lost sight of it once it passed beyond some park cars, hopefully rolling into a deep, dark, sewer.
Alex turned his eyes back to the road and tried to leave Evan in silence. He didn’t want to pressure her to talk, especially not since he wasn’t totally cooled off yet.
Alex was the type of guy to stick up for friends, and close the deal… on the ice. He wasn’t used to major confrontations in person, let alone ones that played such emotional turmoil on him.

Evan, on the other hand, was remembering the exact moment from a different point of view.
She was caught somewhere in between the shock of Jeff just dropping her like that, and surprise at Alex’s vehement defence of her. If anyone knew Alex well, really well, it was her, but even she had been surprised at his level of passion.

Something like that would probably make another girl happy, but Evan just felt even more guilt where Alex was concerned. It wasn’t even his battle, and yet here he was, fighting for her. He’d never asked to be put in this situation, but she kept doing it to him, he was just too good of a person to tell her to back off and allow him to live his own life.
Hell, he hadn’t even had a girlfriend since they’d broken up. Sure, he’d had a few random hook-ups on the road and gone on a few dates with Amelia, but in reality, he’d never tried to be with anyone else.
Evan knew that it was her fault, she assumed he was too busy looking after her to find love for himself. What she didn’t know, was that even if Alex wasn’t always being her confidant and watching out for her, he’d still be single.
It wasn’t that Evan took up too much of his time, cause really, he could never get enough of her. It was simply the fact that he had no reason to move on.
People moved on when they had somewhere else to go, someone else to be with, or desired a different life. Alex wasn’t stuck in the past, or in some foolish dream, he knew exactly what he wanted, he just couldn’t have it.

He had never given up on her before, and he definitely wasn’t about to start now.


She Will Be Loved - Maroon5

Alex had sent a text to Max and Jordan before they got home, asking them to head out for a bit that night. The last thing he wanted was for Evan to feel like she had to put on a front once they were home, she needed to break down.
He could see the emotions and confusing building inside of her, it was getting to the breaking point, and that just wasn’t healthy.

When Alex pulled into his own driveway that night, it was down pouring. He glanced over at Evan before moving to open his door. “How about I run in and grab an umbrella or something?” He asked, reaching in the backseat to pull her bag towards him.
She shook her head, giving him a weak smile before opening her own door and hopping out into the rain.
Alex jumped out too, quickly following after her. It wasn’t that far of a run, but it was still a wasted effort; both of them were soaked by the time they got into the house.

Evan stood slightly slumped, her hands out in front of her as she glanced down at her clothing, the way that they clung to her tightly with wetness. Alex couldn’t help but laugh as they stood there, a giant puddle forming in front of the door. “It’s a good thing you finally got some more clothes…” He grinned, reaching over his head to pull off his shirt.

“What are you doing?” Evan asked as Alex held his saturated, shirt in his hands.

“Umm… trying to keep the water from getting on the carpet. I’ll go grab you a towel after I throw these in the dryer.” He said nonchalantly as he undid his jeans and took them up in his hand.
He was so wet that even his boxers were uncomfortable, but he didn’t exactly want to get naked in front of Evan, especially not after she’d just left her fiancé for good. Ex-fiancé, the idea made Alex smile.

He got into the laundry room and threw his clothing into the dryer, slamming the door shut and turning it on.
He spun around and headed for the upstairs, but was stopped by Evan. She was standing in a light blue bra and grey panties, her wet clothing held out in front of her. “I umm… thought I’d save you the walk.”

Alex nodded, taking the pile of clothing from her and putting it in the dryer too, trying to ignore the way her skin goose bumped from the cold, and the way her hardened nipples were starting to show through the cotton fabric… He lost himself though, not realizing that she had caught him until she blushed deeply and looked away, wrapping her arms around her middle.

Clearing his throat, Alex averted his eyes, suddenly fascinated by the deep green wall colour that was surrounding them. “If you want to take a shower or something, you can hop in it first…” He said, finally turning back to look at her, only to find tears in her eyes. “Evan… are you ok?” Alex asked, coming towards her and lifting her face.
She shook her head, swatting his hand away.

“I’m fine.” She said, trying to hold back a sob as Alex stared at her. Alex rolled her eyes and put his hands back on her face, looking at her questioningly.


She stomped her foot slightly, angry at herself for allowing her emotions to get the better of her again. Of course she was going to have a melt down, but she had no right to do it in front of Alex, not again. “I said I’m fine.” Snorting, Alex shook his head, not planning on giving up.“You know, you’re extremely annoying when you’re probing. Shouldn‘t you be getting dressed?” She snapped, her feelings finally boiling over and flying into the only other animate thing in the room.

“And you’re extremely obvious when you’re deflecting.” Alex replied, not missing a beat. He smiled to himself slightly, as she shifted uncomfortably.

Evan shrugged, defeated as she moved over towards the warmth that was coming from the dryer. “I just…” She sighed, leaning onto the dryer with her back to Alex, allowing the heat to travel up her arms and into her chest. “I thought I had it all figured out, you know? Get engaged, get married, all that crap. And now… I just feel like I took the long way around and I’m right back where I started.
With nothing to show for it except battle scars and wounds that only show just how wrong I was to begin with.
How did I let it get this far, Alex? How was I such a complete idiot? Did I know? Did I see this and just ignore it because I didn’t want to see it? I don’t even know anymore…
It’s just like… I’m gonna be twenty-five next year… and what do I have? I have to take time off from a shitty job for personal issues, a bunch of university degrees that don’t quite equal a degree… a failed engagement and…” Sighing she turned around keeping her back against the heat. “Who’s gonna want me when I’m old? Who wants a stupid secretary that can’t hold a man’s interest? Who’s gonna love me?”

“Me.” Alex said simply, holding his hands out at his side, totally vulnerable. “I will.” He took a deep breath, dropping his head and taking a step forward, closing the gap between them.

He wanted to say more, and she wanted to hear more, but they both reacted on instinct. Alex wound his arms around Evan’s waist and she hugged onto his neck, allowing him to easily lift her off the ground and place her on top of the dryer.
She wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him closer to her as their kiss intensified.
Alex’s tongue swept into her mouth, dancing passionately above hers as he moaned against her lips.

His erection was already fully formed, the heat and vibrations of the dryer, humming against him. Evan let go of her hold on him, reaching down to grab at it as Alex undid her bra with a single hand.

Evan pulled him out at the same time that the blue fabric landed on the ground. His large, warm, hands moved around to her front, cupping each breast and rubbing her nipples with the pads of his thumbs.
She sighed against him, moving her lips from his, down to his collar bone, her hands gently squeezing his hard cock.

Between the feel of her teeth, tongue, and lips on his neck, her hands on his dick and the dryer against them both, Alex didn’t have any time for patience. He dropped her breasts and grabbed onto her panties, pulling them out from under her and throwing them behind him.
He grabbed onto the head of his dick and rubbed it against her already, wet, clit. Luckily he didn’t need to stand on his tip-toes to reach her; he was able to push himself in slightly, just from where he was standing.

He didn’t want to hurt her, but he didn’t want to wait, so he opted for option number three. He allowed himself to slid into her hot, slit, a quarter of the way, before pulling out.
He began to pump in quickly, never going further in than he had the first time. With his thumb he traced the outline of her clit, making quick, sturdy circles. Evan leaned back on her hands, allowing a loud moan to escape her mouth as she tilted her head back. “Alex…” She sighed, as her legs began to quiver around him.

Alex pulled back, leaving only his fingers in between her legs as her orgasm ran down in front of him. He watched until it reached the floor before glancing back up to meet her eyes. Evan gave him a breathless grin that he returned earnestly before putting his lips back to hers.
Too many words were running through his head as he held her against his body, but he didn’t bother speaking any of them.

If Alex had his way, then he had a long, long time to say everything to her, that he could ever want to.


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