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Monday, March 15, 2010

Cole Harbour Place!

Alright so... I got into Cole Harbour today with my son... and I ran into Troy Crosby!! Well... kinda. We were both getting gas at the same station, and I pretty much just stared at him like the creeper I am lol.
He seemed pretty chill about it though so, I'm assume it happens quiet often... anyway... I only took a couple pics of the actually 'Crosby' part of the CHP but... here they are!

(That's my son in the first pic... and yes... he did cry lol)


  1. Awe.. haha I'm so jealous! Your sons a little cutie btw!

    Is troy as creepy in person as he is on tv?

  2. your son is adorable! actually seeing how sweet he looks in front of the big display overrode how cool it was that you saw the exhibit!

  3. @Kris ummm... he's not so much creepy, as he is, scary as hell!!
    He saw me staring at him and nodded at me when he went by but... he's huge... and just plain fierce looking lol.

  4. Your son is rediculously cute! Those are some really awesome pictures, thanks for sharing! Annnnd, seeing Troy Crosby? I really don't know how I would react. Most likely stare him down as well! I am sure he is totally used to it!

  5. Your son is so cute!!! and seeing Troy Crosby and not flipping out is amazing, I probably would have cried. Great pictures!!

  6. Oh i'm glad you had fun!!
    You're son is a cutie!
    I went to The Cole Harbour place on a date last year, dude was a hockey player, and a complete retard..didn't last. But hey, it was a cute first date? lol

    Seeing Troy is sooo funny. I'd probably just stare at him too!

  7. Oh my goodness! Your son is such a little cutie!(: I agree with Tillie, it's so precious seeing him stand in front of that big Sid display!

    I am so jealous of you, Zigh! I've been wanting to go up there for forever hahaha.

    And lmfao at Troy! I would probably have to pick my jaw up off the floor if I saw him. I totes would have been a creeper too. But that's crazy! What are the chances of running into him?! You have some luck, my dear!

  8. Your son is a total cutie, and thanks for sharing your pics and stories with us!

  9. haha you have a million blogs. but what a find on this one, cute picshur's ! of you and your son, very silly haha =)