Does the moment make the man, or does the man make the moment?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

31. Fate Knows Nothing

Another one with some help!! =) Thanks, Jay!

I’ll Be Your Lover, Too - Van Morrison(Cover)

“No! NO! It’s too fucking early! Go away… away!” Jordan yelled from upstairs as Alex pushed open the door to his house. He stood at the bottom of the stairs for a second, looking around in confusion as he listen to his team-mate mutter a few more, loud curses. “Go to Max! GO FIND MAX!”

Alex slowly climbed the stairs, wondering why Jordan would be telling a woman to go find max, that was until he saw who was coming out of Jordan’s door.
Chubby made his way through the small opening, before quietly slinky down the hallway.
He stopped when he saw Alex, letting out a quiet hiss. “I know, I know, you hate me.” Alex said patronizingly, as he held up his hands in defeat.

“Gogo?” Jordan called from the darkened door at the end of the hall.

“Yah?” Alex called back, tilting his head as he heard Jordan grunt, roll out of bed and thump his feet down on the floor.

Jordan stumbled through the darkness until he shoved the door open and walked into the dimly light hallway. “Where the fuck were you, dude? We thought you were dead.”

Alex chuckled slightly and held his hands out to the side, showing Jordan that he was still in one piece. “I’m good, I just went to see Evan…”

“How’d that go?” A sleepy Max asked, appearing beside Jordan in the hall, his eyes closed as he stretched his hands above his head.

“Umm… it went.” Alex shrugged, shifting back and forth from foot to foot, awkwardly, before heading back down stairs. “I just came back to shower and change and shit… I’m gonna go back there later.”

“So wait…” Max asked, following him down the stairs. “Jesus, Gogo! You look like hell…” Max interjected quickly, cutting off his original train of thought as he caught sight of Alex in the lightened kitchen.
Alex looked up giving him a sad smile before he put his head back in the fridge. Max cleared his throat, waiting for more information.

Sighing, Alex gave in, closing the fridge and walking to the table to sit down. Jordan and Max followed suite, taking their respective seats around the table as they waited for Alex to explain things to them.
“So…” Alex started hesitantly, wondering what he was even going to say. “I went to see her and she was pretty upset about the fight but… everything’s out in the open now and it seems like we’re good.
I was just gonna leave it at that and kinda do what I had planned on doing… you know? Give her the space she wanted and then try and work something out...”

“But-?” Jordan asked, staring at Gogo in disbelief. If there wasn’t a ’but’ coming, he might have to go across the table and smack some sense into his already injured team-mate.

“But… I had a bit of a revelation and… fuck life. Fuck fate and destiny and all that other stupid stuff that people make up in order to explain why they fail, or to give themselves an excuse to not act.
I’m tired of being here, in this situation and… I’m done.” He finished, leaning back and folding his arms across his chest.

Max and Jordan exchanged a look, neither of them sure what he meant. “So… you’re done with Evan?” Max asked slowly, returning his gaze to Alex.

Alex shook his head, smiling. “No, tonight’s it… I’m gonna make it happen.” Alex stood up from the table and headed towards the stairs. “Anyway, I’m gonna hop in the shower and head to the hospital to get my hand checked out… have fun at practice.”

Max and Jordan watched him go, the latter, painfully confused. “Make it happen…?” Jordan quoted, turning to look at Max. “What does that even mean?”

Max continued to stare at the staircase that Alex had just ascended, a grin spreading across his face. “I think it means that shit’s about to get real.”

“It’s not broken, just some deep tissue bruising. You’ll have to check with your medical personnel, but my guess would be a two or three week recovery period… you’re very fortunate, Mr. Goligoski.” The doctor explained as she re-wrapped Alex’s hand in a new, cleaner covering. “Just make sure that you leave this on and it’ll be good as new in no time.”
Alex nodded his thanks, his mind already gone from the small, white, hospital room.

When the doctor was finished he got up and grabbed is coat, heading back into the parking lot. He’d called Alex before heading into the hospital, only to find that she was getting ready for a job interview, at another school.
It made Alex sad, that even without Jeff she was still sticking to the secretary route… but it also gave him an opening as well.

Evan didn’t plan on being home till supper time, and that gave Alex the perfect amount of time to figure some things out.
He had always heard that it was the moment that made the man. The things just happened and people got what they wanted or needed, by doing the right thing... but was it possible for the man to make the moment?


I Wanna Grow Old With You - Westlife

After a long day searching for a new job, one in the greater Pittsburgh area, Evan stumbled into her apartment. Boxes were still scattered throughout and the lights were on; but that wasn’t what bothered her. There was bustling noise in the kitchen.
She tensed, unsure if she should have been worried about an intruder—it wasn’t until Alex poked his head into the living room from the kitchen that she relaxed.

“Alex,” she greeted with a smile, dropping her purse and jacket by the door. “I wasn‘t expecting to see you here.”

He pouted playfully and tilted his head to the side, his dark brown eyes sparkling with amusement. “It doesn’t sound like you’re happy to see me.”

“Of course I am!” she replied, following him into the other room. “You know I’m always happy to see you. But I mean, why are you here? And how did you get in?”

Alex laughed, going back to the cutting board and resuming chopping the carrots. “I’ve got about two week of vacation time… thanks to your ex’s hard head… so here I am.” He pointed with the knife in his hand to the open bottle of wine on the counter, gesturing for her to help herself.

Evan observed the obvious. “You’re here, and you’re cooking for me. I’ve hit the jackpot! What are you making?” she asked, knowing that anything Alex made was going to be delicious. He’d always been a good cook, and living with Max and Jordan had only served to fine-tune his abilities and skills in the kitchen.

“Um, chicken parm. Pasta. And salad.”

“Oh, that sounds so good. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had a good, home-cooked meal.” She stepped behind him and leaned her forehead against the spot on his back between his shoulder blades, her hand coming up to squeeze his upper arm. “You’re amazing, do you know that?”

Alex didn’t respond to that. He wasn’t sure what to say. How could she be so generous with her praise, but not be ready for this? If he were so amazing, why couldn‘t she let things move forward?

When he didn’t say anything, she spoke up again, “Um, not that I’m complaining, because I’m not. I mean, you can cook for me any day.” Changing the subject, Evan shifted back to a previous topic. “You still never told me how you got in…” She moved away from him and toward the wine, pouring herself a full glass and taking a sip.

He chuckled softly. “You always stash a spare on the top ledge of the door frame.”

She groaned and giggled. “Geez, am I that predictable?”

“No. You’re not predictable,” he sighed, feeling a little whimsical and sad. “I’ve just known you forever. I know practically everything about you.”

Evan heard the melancholy in his voice and wondered what he meant. “Practically?”

He sighed again, placing the knife down on the counter and turning to look at Evan. Alex did know her very well—they’d known each for so long, and had been through a lot as boyfriend and girlfriend as well as friends. But the question that had lingered in his mind for years, and now was stuck in the forefront of his mind, needed to be asked, now. “Evan, why can’t we be together?”

She visibly paled as her facial expression fell. Evan was confused enough as it was; her life had been turned completely upside-down. She didn’t need any outside pressure right now from anyone, including the man she considered her best friend, even if she did love him. He wasn’t helping as she was trying to cope. “Don’t do this to me right now, Alex.”

“I think it’s a legitimate question. We’re good together, Evan.... I don’t know why you just won’t give it another chance. We should have never broken up in the first place.”

Evan didn’t bother with words or trying to explain. Her mind was a jumbled mess of thoughts, and she couldn’t think of a thing to say to him. So she took her glass of wine with her as she left and retreated to her bedroom. She sat at the edge of the bed and took a large gulp, trying to clear her mind of the questions, but she was already feeling numb without the aid of any alcohol.

Alex followed her, not wanting to let the subject drop. There had been so many times in the past that he’d wanted to bring it up or he let it slide, but he wasn’t going to do that this time. He took her glass of wine and set it on the nightstand before he gently guided her body down against the mattress. He rested on his left arm and stretched himself on top of her, first kissing her neck.
When she didn’t push him away, he took another liberty and moved his lips up to hers before he pulled away and looked down at her. He wanted to tell her every reason he had for why they should be together, but he decided to show her instead.

His right hand traced the curves of her body over her clothes, his eyes greedily following the path of his hand. Starting with her knee, he dragged his hand up her outer thigh, over her hip, and along the side of her stomach, and then grazed the swell of her breast as he reached up past her shoulder in order to cup her face in his bruised hand, and brush her cheek with his thumb. Next, his good hand continued to move down, trailing his fingers along her clavicle, down the valley between her breasts, across her stomach, and down her inner thigh. He started the upward process again, but this time he reached underneath her blouse and began to touch and caress the soft skin of her stomach.

She fidgeted beneath him, because his touches — even the ones over her clothes — were setting her skin on fire. It wasn’t an answer to his question or a solution to her dilemma, but it felt good, so she went with it. Evan reached out for Alex, feeling his broad shoulders and strong biceps and knowing the latent strength of his muscles. She moved her hands down his chest to his stomach, where she grabbed the material of his shirt and pulled. Alex balanced himself on his knees as his shirt was removed. As the fabric was discarded, he planted his hands on either side of her body and leaned forward, slowly lowering himself over Evan and beginning to kiss her again. He could taste the wine on her breath.

She was the one to initiate the open-mouth kissing by dragging her tongue along his bottom lip and feeling the beginning of a five o’clock shadow. It didn’t take long for him to respond, and their tongues pushed and tangled together in a tug-of-war of dominance. Evan wrapped her arms around his shoulders and rolled over so she was on top and straddling him. Below her, she could feel the movement in his jeans as he started to get hard.

Ever so slowly, Evan pulled her blouse over her head, revealing her torso inch by inch. Alex quickly unwound the wrap from his left hand, stretching it out once, before allowing both hands to explore her flesh as it was exposed to him.
Once her shirt was off, she shook her head as her blonde hair spilled back around her face and shoulders. She reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, and he pulled the straps down her shoulders and freed her breasts for her. Then he pulled her down on top of him, making her lean down far enough so he could capture one of her nipples in his mouth, nibbling and sucking as she hummed her approval. He cupped her other breast in his hand and gently squeezed, desire over-riding any discomfort he felt in his knuckles.

Evan threw her head back and pressed her body down against his, ready to take the foreplay to the next level. Alex, however, had other intentions. They rolled back over, and he immediately reached for the button on her slacks and then proceeded to the zipper. He pulled her slacks and panties over her hips slowly, in one fell swoop, as she raised her pelvis off the bed to aid him in his task.

Alex licked his lips as he peered down at the beautiful woman laid out before him; she was now fully naked and looking up at him expectantly as she waited for his next move. He leaned down and kissed her again passionately, pressing his lips against hers with such force that she was sure he’d leave behind a bruise. When he pulled back, he grazed his thumb against her bottom lip. Evan responded by kissing the pad of his thumb and then taking it in her mouth, pretending it was another of his appendages as she sucked and traced the shape of it with her tongue.

He groaned and had to close his eyes, knowing that he had to put an end to that if he was going to make this last. Alex moved his thumb from her lips to that spot between her legs, using her own saliva to facilitate his smooth, slow strokes over her swollen clit. Varying the pressure and direction of his hand, he watched her reactions and facial expressions and listened to the purrs and moans she emitted, confident that she was enjoying herself.

She shifted her body again, arching her back and bucking her hips to intensify the contact. Flashing Evan a sly smile, he withdrew his hand; she whimpered and pouted. “Please don’t stop.”

Once again, he chose actions over words. Alex ducked his head and kissed her inner thigh as he spread her legs and opened her up. His tongue followed the lines of her folds, the rough feel of his taste buds sending shivers up her spine. His lips closed around her clit as he drew the nub into his mouth and massaged it with his tongue.

Instinctively, Evan clutched the bed sheets in her hand as her back shot off the bed and arched. Her breath caught in her lungs as his mouth went to work, sucking, biting softly, flicking, and performing wonders with his tongue and teeth. He pulled back and blew a stream of cold air against her wet skin, making her shiver and quake with need.

Alex rolled his tongue and pushed it inside of Evan, mimicking sex. When she moaned, he flattened his tongue and curled it upward, thoroughly tasting her. His fingers dug into the soft flesh of her thighs, keeping them apart so he had the freedom to move and pleasure her.

He focused his oral attention back on her clit as he brought his hand between her legs, easing his fingers into her wet opening. She moaned and contorted her body as he steadily pumped his fingers into her, his tongue swirling around her throbbing clit. It didn’t take long for her muscles to clamp down around his hand as her body spasmed and she climaxed.

Her orgasm didn’t stop him; he continued his fluid, adroit movements as he felt more liquid spill out around his fingers. As soon as her body relaxed, it began to tense again as she tossed her head from side to side and eked out moans and gasps for air in between crying his name.

After a few more moments, she came again around his hand. Alex slowed his fingers as her heart rate began to even out. Then he pulled his hand away, stroking her hip as he kissed up her torso, over her stomach, past her breasts, and then lavished some attention on the thin flesh of her neck. His hands fumbled as he unfastened his jeans. Alex left the bed and stood, stripping off his pants and boxers and releasing his rock-hard penis.

“Your turn,” Evan said, pushing herself onto her knees and eying his monster cock, presenting at full salute. She wondered how he could function, with all that blood needed to maintain his huge erection.

Alex shook his head, forgoing the words to tell her no. He wrapped his hand around his dick and moved back onto the bed. He kissed her again and then pulled her legs out from underneath her, so Evan fell backwards off her knees and landed on her back. Her laughter was trapped in her throat when she saw the intense look in his eyes as he crawled between her legs and entered her hot, slick opening. She didn’t have to ask him to stop or slow down; there was no discomfort or pain this time as he stretched and filled her.

He leaned down and kissed her breasts as he moved inside of her and made eye contact. At first, he used long, languid strokes. Alex wanted to make sweet love to her and be passionate and gentle—but it didn’t work out that way, for a combination of reasons. She felt so good beneath him, and he wasn’t able to dissociate from his tactile sensations. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold out for her sake. Not to mention, Evan was writhing and twisting, moaning and mewing sounds of encouragement and appreciation. She reached behind Alex and squeezed his ass, begging for deeper and harder thrusts by digging her nails into his muscular, skater butt.

Of course, he obliged her. He rested on his knees and pulled her hips toward him, repeatedly slamming into her. A wet sound resounded throughout the room every time their bodies crashed together and his balls slapped against her ass. As much as he wanted to make love to Evangeline and show her exactly why they should be together, this felt right, too—which only reinforced why they belonged together.

As he drove himself into her, over and over, the headboard of her bed began to pound against the wall. Her neighbour banged on the wall and hollered, yelling for them to stop. They ignored him.

Evan let go of his body and threw her hands over her head, like she was riding a roller coaster and plunging down a steep drop. It was kind of like that as she felt her muscles slowly constrict and stiffen until she physically thought her body was going to break in half; then she fell into a fit of shudders, crying out and screaming.

The feel of her body seizing around his was enough to bring him to the brink of his own orgasm. Alex pulled out just in time, shooting white, sticky fluid onto her as he rubbed the head of his against her folds. All he could do was huskily whisper her name, barely loud enough for Evan to hear it.

For a moment, he remained still as his panting slowed. Then Alex reached over to the side of her bed and grabbed a handful of tissue and delicately, lovingly cleaned her off with soft and gentle motions. He tossed the dirty Kleenex in the nearby trash can before he fell on the mattress beside her and pulled Evan into his arms, kissing a spot on her forehead along her hairline.


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