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Monday, March 1, 2010


Ok so as far as it goes... my friend Chris was able to save my laptop! Virus begone, and he was able to restore all of my files... minus my Sean Avery story (apparently HP hates him too...)

SO, I'll hopefully have an update up tonight... if not, it's only because it's a very, very long update. Where they're normally 5-6 pages in word perfect... this one will probably be 11 or more... I'm still thinking I should get it done but, just know that they're coming!

Also, not sure if you've ever seen a computer whiz chase down a virus, but I'm 99% sure that Chris is a male Garcia from Criminal Minds... THANK YOU CHRIS!!


  1. awww so no sean avery for a while? Oh my god, I'm dissapointed about not getting to read a sean avery story...................................I feel like I need to go take a shower.
    haha looking forward to an update whenever it comes(:
    oh and I love that picture of jeff carter you have up hahaha

  2. woo. aleast you got everything back. cant wait for the update :D

  3. Haha I love the sean avery comment. wooho that your computer is working. : D


    Can't wait for the new update! :)

  5. Thanks Chris!!
    Maybe Sean Avery was the virus...beware.

  6. Yay!!
    Thank god for Chris eh?

    Man, I know how you feel though, last year at school, my computer crashed twice! Lost everything : S. What a horrible horrible time!

    OH no! I hope you try to write back your Avery story. I'm actually a fan of the idiot : )